Sep. 9th, 2010 07:55 pm
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just an FYI

I stopped doing the daily painting UPDATE on LJ, just because it was too many uploads and Links in a day...

Basically once I am done painting, I scan or photograph the finished daily, then I go into Photoshop, crop it (possibly run some camera correction filters if the lighting is off in the picture) add the file info (work details meta tags and copyright notice) and then save the PSD , then I take the PSD and rezize it for Etsy, and make four 1000 X 1000 pixel detail views of the piece (also for etsy) and save those as jpgs...

THEN I make a 144 dpi resolution for the fan page, and a 72 dpi, 252 pixel high thumbnail for the website.

THEN re-open the original PSD and resize it and if necessary clean the edges (to make it print pretty for one thing but also so the original will be easy to spot if anyone tries to pass off a print) and save that as a PNG Then I make a text file with all the file info and tags for cutting and pasting into the listings.

Then I upload to redbubble, fill in the info, share it on twitter save the link int he text file for the "Buy this " page

Then I upload to etsy, including the link to buy prints on redbubble after the etsy listing is up I share that on twitter,

Then I pop back to redbubble , edit the print with a link to purchase the original (I do it like that because redbubble's uploader is slow so I like to get that done first, but etsy is a pain in the ass to go back and edit the listings, so it is imperative that I do not have to edit the listing on etsy, editing the redbubble listing text takes like two seconds)

Then I go t o the fan page, upload the it into the album there and caption it, then I link the sales page for the original and the prints.

THEN i got into Dreamweaver and add the thumbnail to the daily gallery...

and by the time I finish all of that I really am done with the whole thing and making an LJ entry just seems like an added level of "Sick of Looking at it now"

So to that end....
Here is a link to the daily gallery on Leechco

I would love to get back in the habit of sharing new stuff here, but I also like being able to use this space as a private/friends only ranting and venting space. You guys get to see the stuff I don't want anyone but my friends seeing. The Lack of such entries lately should be seen as "Everything is going pretty good and nothing in particular needs ranting about right now"

(although I do feel a rant about book burning jackasses coming on)
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