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Vote Here!

Okay this tote bag contest means a little more than you may think to me, and there is a reason I am stumping so hard for votes.

My car has been stored in a garage, non operational, since shortly after the divorce. Part of the arrangement with Ken was during the separation while waiting on the actual divorce was that since I had not yet found a job, he would continue to make the car payments on it and also take care of the registration. Of course it turns out he did neither of those things. So once the registration was up, I tried to get the forms from him, he claimed he never got them, and I parked the car off street in the garage and started to try and get the appropriate paperwork and such and the car paid off.

Many things happened that prevented this from working out, mainly of which is the car is kind of needed to get a job around here, cause the public transport sucks in the south bay. everything, even the nearest useful transit area is a half hour drive away. (the closest bus to me doesn't even go to the most useful transit hub without like 3 hours worth of transferring) So with one thing and another and other more pressing bills piling up and trying at one point to force the finance company to take the remaining blue book value on the car (which they refused to take and actually got nasty at me for trying to give them money, I still don't understand what that was all about, but at least that part is taken care of now.)

Basically where the car sits now, situationally, is I need to register it and insure it and fix the things that happen to a car when it is sitting in a garage for a few years not being used. (tires, battery , oil change, possibly having the gas tank drained, and hopefully paying someone braver than me to clean the spiders and cobwebs out of it) The prize money from winning this competition is enough to do the things the car needs to be running again, which means I can get a job, take stuff to galleries and art fairs and make some money.

All you would need to do to help me achieve this is vote for my design and share the link as much as possible. Voting ends three days from this writing. I can see who has voted and you all I say thank you, very much so!

To everyone else, PLEASE take the time to vote, it costs you nothing and could make a world of difference to me.

Also I think the design turned out pretty cool and it's worth voting for!
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