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"San José Morning"

San José Morning

Daily Painting à la Prima Oil on 6" x 6" Museum Wrap Canvas, Fresh Palette, #2 Hog bristle Filbert. View out my Studio Window.

Daily Painting for 5-29-2010

©2010 Amy-Elyse Neer
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So here is yesterday's

I posted it on redbubble yesterday, the original is not for sale so no etsy listing, and I brain farted on putting it here, in the Lj.

Today we have two tee's...not exactly paintings, but still some daily art. (I HAD an idea for a subject for today, BUT I woke at 6 am and the studio was ass-biting cold, so I decided to make some tee designs in the nice warm living room instead. I will either paint later today, or save my idea for tomorrow)

Here's this one
This is available in baby, children's & adult sizes and also as stickers so you can deface your own shirt.

and here's this other one

This one is only available in baby to age 12 kids sizes, and also as stickers, so you can deface your own baby.

definitely check out the stickers, they run a deal where you can mix and match 6 for a 50 percent discount (basically you'd be paying for 3 stickers, I get paid for 6 stickers and redbubble eats the discount) and ALL my tee designs are available as stickers,

and these are nice stickers too, they are perfect for laptops as they are removable, heavy stock, vinyl, and coated, so if you want to take it off at some point, it comes off clean with out leaving a residue.

(not re-positionable, they aren't gonna slide around and if you take it off it won't stick to something else, removable means it won't ruin, bond with or leave glue on most surfaces)
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today I didn't have a clear idea for a subject so I decided to turn on my brain with some restrictions.

I restricted myself thusly

1) No new color added to palette (I did add a smidge more of a color that was already on it cause I ran out, but no new colors were added)

2) I used a painting knife and no brushes (with the exception of the liner I use to sign the work with) This was restrictive to me cause I NEVER paint with a knife normally.

3) I gave myself a time limit of 30 minutes to complete it. Where ever I was in thirty minutes was the stopping place. (Oddly the painting screamed "Done!" at me in about 15 minutes)

so without further babbling art a-do here 'tis

Abstract Surf

"Abstract Surf"

Original is Impasto Oil on 6"x6" Museum Wrap Canvas, Painting Knife (small diamond trowel, cranked) No color added to yesterday's palette.

Daily Painting for 5-24-2010

and if you are curious here is what I that sort of painting knife looks like
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"Dead Fern"

Dead Fern

Oil on 6"x6" Museum Wrapped Canvas, No colors added to yesterday's palette #4 Flat Synthetic Bristle.

Daily Painting For 5-23-2010

(the little sarcastic demon in my head wanted to name it "Light a Match", but that's only funny if you know this lives on the shelf in the bathroom, and that tony REALLY likes spicy food)
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I ran out of canvases, so we made an emergency trip to the art supply store yesterday

so Today's Painting

Exotic Silks and Fine Plastic

Daily Painting- Exotic Silks and Fine Plastic

Original, à la Prima Oil on 8" x 10" stretched canvas, Cobalt, french ultramarine, added to palette. # 2 synthetic round.

Daily Painting for 5-22-2010
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Sidenote: Nothing has ever woken him up faster than me telling him I painted him sleeping.

Wake Up, Honey

"Wake up, Honey"

à la Prima Oil on 8"x8" Stretched Oil primed Linen, #2 Flat Hog Bristle Flake white, Naples Yellow and Brilliant Yellow Light added to palette

Daily Painting for 5-18-2010
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Yesterday was a catch up on varnishing day so nothing for yesterday, although the first four dailys were ready for retouch varnish, so that's good

anyway here it is

Just the Box

Daily Painting- Just The Box

Daily Painting à la Prima Oil on 8"x 10" Stretched canvas #4 Flat, fresh palette
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Green Jar

"Green Jar"
©2010 Amy-Elyse Neer
Daily Painting for 5-15-2010
Watercolor on 140 lb montval 6.5"x 6.5" (6"x6" with half inch border)
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Roast and Keep You

Daily Painting- "Roast and Keep You"

à la Prima Oil on 8"x 10" stretched canvas
Fresh palette, hog bristle #2 Filbert and Talkon Fan Blender
Daily Painting for 5-14-2010
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4th Ward Lantern

"4th Ward Lantern" ©2010 Amy-Elyse Neer
Daily Painting for 5-13-2010
Watercolor on 140 lb montval 12" x 9"
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After failing to get going at the easel this morning I realized today wanted watercolor, look outside for yourself if you don't believe me.

Anyways, here it is


Daily Painting for 5-11-2010
Watercolor on 140 lb montval 6.5"x 6.5" (6"x6" with half inch border)
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Calm Night Water

"Calm Night Water"
Daily Painting à la Prima Oil on 8"x 10" Hand stetched canvas
Cad Yellow added to palette, Angled synthetic shader
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Since I was Five

"Since I was Five"

Daily Painting à la Prima Oil on Clayboard, Mixing White and Rose Madder added to palette #4 Short Round Badger hair brush. 6"x6"

The clayboard was interesting, kind of gave it a fresco like effect as the thinner loosened the coating a little.
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I have entered two paintings in two separate challenges on redbubble, the winner of each challenge gets a 75$ gift certificate for art supplies.

Voting is free, although you do have to register for the site, (they are not particularly spammy, they do send out a "your recent activity feed" e-mail every few days, IF you have recently done something on their site, but you can opt out of that, but even as a seller that's the most I hear from them unless I make a sale or get a private message from someone on the site.)

If you already purchased something or voted for me in a previous challenge you already registered and can skip step one below.

so to help me out, here's what you need to do.

1) Go to Redbubble and register for an ID
2) click here to vote for Driving Wisconsin
which looks like this

3) Click here to vote for Unpacking
which looks like this

You can only vote once for each work, but please vote for both of them. You would be helping me to get a feature on the site, as well as make some sales possibly and to win 75$ worth of desperately needed supplies and all it takes from you is 5 minutes of your time.

Thank you for helping!
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"Tony's Thrown Blue Glaze"
Daily Painting à la Prima Oil on 5" x 7" Gallery Wrap stretched Canvas
#4 Hog Bristle Flat, Phthalo Blue and Payne's Grey Added to Palette
© 2010 Amy-Elyse Neer

This is one of the little ceramic pots that Tony made.
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"Gretchen's Cup"
© 2010 Amy-Elyse Neer
May 7, 2010
Oil on 6"x6" pre-stretched canvas
#2 Hog Bristle Flat filbert
Titanium White and French Ultramarine added to palette
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There is a movement called Daily Painters, you do one small à la prima painting every day.


1) Turn your creative juices on

2) The paintings are small, one pass works, so you can sell them for less than a bigger more time and material intensive work, so for an hour of time, and materials for a 6"x6" canvas you can afford to sell the finished piece for around 100$ and still make a decent profit on the piece.

3) you can be open to experimentation with materials and techniques, as if it didn't work out quite how you were expecting, it's still art and you didn't waste a ton of time and stuff finding out that that trick didn't work

4) they are cheaper to frame, and, while I usually sell unframed, it definitely could be seen as a selling point to someone buying that they are not going to have to spend a fortune to frame a giant canvas. not to mention if it gets in a show I do not have to spend a fortune to frame it. (and there's always gallery wraps)

5) Cheaper shipping than for a big painting

6) something new everyday in the prints section of redbubble can't hurt, and eventually I can list the originals on etsy (once they are dry and varnished and ready to ship)

7) the canvases are inexpensive to buy pre-stretched (much cheaper than hand stretching and no tension issues because they are so small) and come in packs of up to 6-9 canvases.

8) I don't normally work à la prima, I like a little more foundation usually. not sure if this is a pro or a con so I will list it on both

1) I work in oils so even doing a small painting a day, I still have to wait about a 2-3 weeks before I can retouch varnish it and then like two weeks before I can actually ship it to a buyer

2) I only have enough small canvases to last me about a week and a half right now (although my birthday is coming up and I do have a dick blick wish list with some packs of small canvases on it, (CANVAS MULTI PACK MUSEUM 6X6 6PK )

3) I don't normally worry that I will have a problem thinking of something to paint, but I also usually don't come up with a new subject matter every day, I do paint pretty much everyday (some days I paint with watercolors or sketch instead of doing work on whatever is on the easel) so getting it done isn't a concern and I don't feel as though I would run out of stuff for fodder, but it is a concern, I suppose, that should be on the con list, although even as I type this my brain is brimming with stuff to paint.

4) the materials that go into each session of painting, like gloves, mediums, brush cleaner, that will add up if I am not careful with them.

5) issues over where to set them to dry. Laying them out flat is bad cause dust will settle into the paint film while they cure, but I don't think I have the wall space to hang a month's worth of finished curing painting... (normally I hang three or four big pieces to finish curing once they are off the drying easel... I guess if I could put up four shelves that would hold seven each I could have a rotating system for them, like a weeks' worth go from fresh to dry to varnished to ready to ship) I think I can probably figure something out... maybe a four shelved bookcase, with a sheer curtain tacked over the front to keep dust out, but allow for air circulation.

6) I don't normally work à la prima, I like a little more foundation usually. not sure if this is a pro or a con so I will list it on both

So anyway, I think, all in all, I will be trying this... if worse comes to worse I just expand my portfolio from the attempt.

Here is the one I did today that started me going (I did it not with this in mind but we found out tony didn't get that job and I needed a little painting time to get my optimism back So I took out a coffee'd canvas to play with) "Coffee Nut" and it got me thinking about the movement in general.

à la prima is working in one pass, it means literally "at the first". I intend to use one brush as well, also I am toying with the idea of using an evolving palette, instead of starting with fresh paint every day, adding to an existing set of colors so there is a tonal flow through the pieces.

So here is picture of the one I did today

Coffee Nut
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Doll tee

"Show me, on the doll, if you can, where, exactly, you were "Touched by an Angel".

Funky flower

"When life hands you lemons, it is because there is a horrifying monster in the next chamber with 400,000,000 hp, whose only weakness is lemons"

the loop

May. 4th, 2010 09:50 am
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it just occurred to me that these posts that go so they also post on Fb from Lj, could be made to then blurb on twitter, and then come back in an aggregate post on Lj, and then go to Fb, and then to twitter....

You can make an automated loop of a post like "Woke up, Ate breakfast, went to work, came home ate dinner" and then just set it to feed to the next thing once a day at 8 o'clock....

I don't know if this is

a) nifty,
b) the saddest thing ever,
c) a way to establish an alibi,
d) internet art about futility.
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So in re-reading an old favorite today I became curious over what ever happened to pure spruce gum.

I was thinking there must be a manufacture of it, seems like the sort of thing aging hippies would plunk down money on as it does not hurt the tree at all, is an easily renewable resource and contains no sugar or chemicals...(processing it, as I learned today, involves nothing more than a two step process with a mallet some water a stove and a straining cloth to remove the dirt and wood debris from it, which can be done on the kitchen stove in any home) So being of a crafty bent I went searching for more information thinking I would like to try this myself, the gum at least if not the processing of said resin.

So I went to wikipedia, where the entry was sparse and unhelpful to say the least, I did a yahoo search for more info and found a very good page describing how to process the resin, but it leaves out such information as how and where to find the right sort of spruce tree and whether the resin from (or indeed, if there is in fact) the wrong sort of spruce tree will harm one or if it's all the same.

so after more searching of spruce trees and such, (this by the way, was a simple piece of information, how to find the right tree and harvest the gum for chewing raw and how to process it for a clean chew, so simple that school children knew it back 100 years ago)

I found this little piece of info which I was previously unaware of Chewing gum is BANNED in singapore.

and also

spruce gum, pre-processed costs about 9-15$ an ounce if you buy it from one of the still existing manufacturers.

just a little tangent for the evening perusal.


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