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Vote Here!

Okay this tote bag contest means a little more than you may think to me, and there is a reason I am stumping so hard for votes.

My car has been stored in a garage, non operational, since shortly after the divorce. Part of the arrangement with Ken was during the separation while waiting on the actual divorce was that since I had not yet found a job, he would continue to make the car payments on it and also take care of the registration. Of course it turns out he did neither of those things. So once the registration was up, I tried to get the forms from him, he claimed he never got them, and I parked the car off street in the garage and started to try and get the appropriate paperwork and such and the car paid off.

Many things happened that prevented this from working out, mainly of which is the car is kind of needed to get a job around here, cause the public transport sucks in the south bay. everything, even the nearest useful transit area is a half hour drive away. (the closest bus to me doesn't even go to the most useful transit hub without like 3 hours worth of transferring) So with one thing and another and other more pressing bills piling up and trying at one point to force the finance company to take the remaining blue book value on the car (which they refused to take and actually got nasty at me for trying to give them money, I still don't understand what that was all about, but at least that part is taken care of now.)

Basically where the car sits now, situationally, is I need to register it and insure it and fix the things that happen to a car when it is sitting in a garage for a few years not being used. (tires, battery , oil change, possibly having the gas tank drained, and hopefully paying someone braver than me to clean the spiders and cobwebs out of it) The prize money from winning this competition is enough to do the things the car needs to be running again, which means I can get a job, take stuff to galleries and art fairs and make some money.

All you would need to do to help me achieve this is vote for my design and share the link as much as possible. Voting ends three days from this writing. I can see who has voted and you all I say thank you, very much so!

To everyone else, PLEASE take the time to vote, it costs you nothing and could make a world of difference to me.

Also I think the design turned out pretty cool and it's worth voting for!


Sep. 9th, 2010 07:55 pm
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just an FYI

I stopped doing the daily painting UPDATE on LJ, just because it was too many uploads and Links in a day...

Basically once I am done painting, I scan or photograph the finished daily, then I go into Photoshop, crop it (possibly run some camera correction filters if the lighting is off in the picture) add the file info (work details meta tags and copyright notice) and then save the PSD , then I take the PSD and rezize it for Etsy, and make four 1000 X 1000 pixel detail views of the piece (also for etsy) and save those as jpgs...

THEN I make a 144 dpi resolution for the fan page, and a 72 dpi, 252 pixel high thumbnail for the website.

THEN re-open the original PSD and resize it and if necessary clean the edges (to make it print pretty for one thing but also so the original will be easy to spot if anyone tries to pass off a print) and save that as a PNG Then I make a text file with all the file info and tags for cutting and pasting into the listings.

Then I upload to redbubble, fill in the info, share it on twitter save the link int he text file for the "Buy this " page

Then I upload to etsy, including the link to buy prints on redbubble after the etsy listing is up I share that on twitter,

Then I pop back to redbubble , edit the print with a link to purchase the original (I do it like that because redbubble's uploader is slow so I like to get that done first, but etsy is a pain in the ass to go back and edit the listings, so it is imperative that I do not have to edit the listing on etsy, editing the redbubble listing text takes like two seconds)

Then I go t o the fan page, upload the it into the album there and caption it, then I link the sales page for the original and the prints.

THEN i got into Dreamweaver and add the thumbnail to the daily gallery...

and by the time I finish all of that I really am done with the whole thing and making an LJ entry just seems like an added level of "Sick of Looking at it now"

So to that end....
Here is a link to the daily gallery on Leechco

I would love to get back in the habit of sharing new stuff here, but I also like being able to use this space as a private/friends only ranting and venting space. You guys get to see the stuff I don't want anyone but my friends seeing. The Lack of such entries lately should be seen as "Everything is going pretty good and nothing in particular needs ranting about right now"

(although I do feel a rant about book burning jackasses coming on)
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I have four challenges I am entered in in redbubble right now, and I could really use some votes, it is free to vote, free to register, they don't spam you.

for the cost of 5 minutes of your time you could help me win some free publicity. Please take a few to pop over and vote in one of the challenges
Register for a redbubble ID here, if you haven't already

Then go here and follow the links and scroll thru the entries to vote on my pieces
This Link Goes to My facebook fanpage entry with pictures and links to the challenges, It will open a new window.

The links and Pictures of the works to vote for under this cut if you don't want to go to facebook )

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I FINALLY had a Sale on etsy, it was for an ACEO*, so it was only 10$ but it was ten dollars I didn't have before, unfortunately after the fees, shipping and buying some emergency cat food and litter to see the little monsters till Tony's Unemployment check gets here (hopefully today) it comes out to a whopping dollar and twenty four cents I didn't have before. But still, it's a sale from etsy.

so to honor the loss of one ACEO*, I replaced it with another for yesterday's daily
Gazing Ball

2.5" x3.5" india ink on illustration board

Today's Daily, "Red Bell"

Red Bell

à la Prima Oil on 6"x6" Museum Wrap Canvas, #4 Filbert Synthetic Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Mixing White added to palette

Daily Painting for 6-4-2010
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Doll tee

"Show me, on the doll, if you can, where, exactly, you were "Touched by an Angel".

Funky flower

"When life hands you lemons, it is because there is a horrifying monster in the next chamber with 400,000,000 hp, whose only weakness is lemons"
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So I found this )

And sent This and This

and the contact quite liked "The Affair" and said she was going to include it in the show proposal. For the show itself the artists are asked to create a new work. and the works center on the theme of turning the figurative art tables on men. In Other words to objectify the male model...

So I am thinking about this, if I really do end up chosen for the show, and the thought occurs to me to ask, what is objectifying? I mean, I know what it means to treat something as if it were an object devoid of sentient thought or feeling and only there fer lookin' at, not fer talkin' to or carin' about.

But in art, what does it mean really?

To say that Women are objectified in fine art (not talking print or advertising graphics here, but let's just stick to portrait and figure painting and sculpture and photography here) is to cheapen the feelings the artist had for the model. Ellen Terry anyone? I mean most art that is depiction of a person is to glorify, exemplify, or even purge specific feelings the artist has about that person. Aren't feelings of that nature indicators of an awareness of the subjects' sentience?

I mean "The Affair" is me expressing that my ex hubby loved something WAAAAAY more than me and that thing was TV. That it consumed him out of our marriage till it was the only form of communication he had, and the only substance he was made of. Now I know that (based on the comments people have made on it) the work doesn't say that to everyone, but that's what happens with art , people look at things through their own filter and find their own meanings.

Even when you attend a figure drawing (a model poses for a group of artists to draw) you may not know the model but something about them will spark an inspiration... can a muse be an object?

It inspires an appreciation of form, the glory of a well turned wrist, the slope of a hip, the frame of a collarbone, the apple of a cheek... There is an art to a pose, we all walk around all day, being ART for others to look at, the painted face, the curled hair, the lifted brow or knowing smile... capturing these moments makes one an object?

Is the act of turning your muse into paint on canvas or carving them free from their trap of stone, not stealing, but rather, discarding their soul?

So can art really objectify someone? That is your ponder for the day, feel free to comment.
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okay, so this guy is apparently not going to get back to me or pay me for this piece work. he thinks this is a fucking hobby (see previous post labeled "It's not a fucking hobby")

I know times are tough and art is seen as a luxury, I also know I am timid about self promotion.

But I also know my art is good, and I know what it sells for when times are good, because I have sold when people are buying. I have been in juried shows ( the last one I was in took all three that I entered and hung one in the the most prominent spot (right when you came in the door it was the first thing you saw), and with three pieces in the show I was the most represented artist there.)

tomorrow our cable internet/phone is going to get shut off.

Which as far as modern conveniences go is annoying, but as far as finding more work and tony finding a new job and such it is detrimental.

If you care to help
here is what you can do.

I have a wide selection of greeting cards and prints and tee's available at

This is a company that prints my work in whatever format you prefer and will even matte and frame it and handles all the shipping, so even if we do lose connection tomorrow you will still get your art/tee.

even if you just buy a greeting card that would help. (if everyone on my friends list bought one greeting card that would pay most of the bill)

I get half of whatever you spend on the print, and they offer discounts and free shipping for multiple items (not every type of item, but most prints can ship free if you buy certain amounts, and greeting cards offer a bulk discount as well)

My Etsy shop

which will be greatly hindered by losing the internet as I will have no way to check and see if anyone bought anything I need to send out, and yes, so far its only led to off site sales, but just in case I keep it up.
If you wanted anything off of there, now would be the time to buy it as I am going to have to put it in vacation mode before I go to bed tonight.

There's also the stuff at

Which seems to be selling in dribs and drabs and still hasn't sold enough to make the commissions equal enough to be a payment to me, so not as helpful to us in the short term.

Also, if you go to

You will see the front page has some corporate links on it, if you were ever of a mind to purchase things from adobe, blick art supplies, Crayola or Joann's fabrics on line, or even browse their wares, if you could start by getting there through my links I would get some ad revenue.

I know times are tough all over, and I know that a lot of you may not see what I do as a "Real Job"

I know the government doesn't because I don't do skilled work to create an product for sale to others...

oh wait... um,

okay uh, not a real job because... Oh! they don't teach it in school? Wait, how did I get my graphics and typesetting certification then? Or my AA in arts?

hmmmm, why is it this isn't a "Real Job" again?

Oh I know... its because when times are tough no one buys it...

oh wait, that's why people in all industries are getting laid off right now...

lets see, I know there is a reason....

it's not nine to five? That must be it!

Okay so since I do four hours of painting in the mornings from about 7-11-ish and then take a break to eat breakfast have some coffee and check my email and then spend another four-eight hours doing things related to art, such as posting promo pics looking for and doing graphics gigs, listing new work on various sales sites, and looking for venues to show in, then stop working and have dinner and watch some tv before going to bed, EVERY DAY.... yah you're right its not a 9-5 "real job" so I cannot file for unemployment benefits, or qualify for health care assistance, or get food stamps when the rest of the economy takes a turn for the worse and I can't find buyers. The Government has got me there.

I would, of course, like all of you, prefer not to be asking anyone for pity help or assistance that wasn't earned, but there it is. So if you can help us out, I would really appreciate it. Even if its just by using one of my site links to buy something you were going to buy anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if this doesn't work I may not see you for a while.

I wish

Feb. 17th, 2010 11:10 pm
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That it did not crank me up to paint late at night... I really wanna start on the new canvas... the Idea has been burrowing around my brain for a month and a half now, and I finished the second of the two paintings I had to finish first this morning. That one is now on the Drying easel, and the previous is almost ready for a coat of retouch varnish.

and my brain is wanting to get started on the new one. I've got the palette clean and ready, btw I love my palette keeper and pad of palette paper. The giant canvas is on the easel, begging for paint.

But I am bone tired, and I know that if I start painting now I will be up all night. And I am bone tired because I haven't gotten much in the way of sleep for the last two nights.

So to bed I go, the sooner I go to the sleep the sooner it will be christmas morning.
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On the subject of watercolors art babble ahead )

anyway that's it for the art babble.
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this is a company that does prints from your up-loaded files, mats/mounts/frames called redbubble. They let you set a markup and they take the base price and you take the marked up amount. Its a little like cafe press meets etsy, but they actually care about art and art alone, no crafts.

PLUS it is free to set up and join for the artists and they run competitions with no entry fee. so I am trying there for prints, I took all the prints down off etsy and left the sales for the original paintings and moved them to redbubble (all of the prints are down off etsy, I just haven't put them all up on redbubble yet, still working on it)

I've only been up there for like 4 days or so now, but I have entered a challenge click here to visit the challenge page

So give it a look. I've gotten some nice feedback, but I am still wandering through the site and looking at stuff. They give you a little more leeway in customization of your storefront, but I haven't gotten fancy with that yet.
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Okay so I spent today making some things in Photoshop, specifically for linking to people who want samples. The problem with most of the stuff I do for people in Ps is I sold it to them, with the rights, and while I feel I have made my use of it in my portfolio known with the caveat "you are buying the rights...BUT I reserve the right to use it in my portfolio..." Kind of falls apart when people and places want you to link to an on line portfolio, Mainly because I can't really control who copies it and preserve the clients rights to the work.

So I have a project going to make a good sampling of various techniques that I like, and some I don't like but can do with the fancy computin' machine. to put up an on line Portfolio of graphics, of stuff that doesn't belong to anyone but me and is also, stuff I don't care if people steal. Some of the stuff I made today and I will probably bang away at it again tomorrow and then Wednesday make the actual page on the website. AND I used some of it to spruce up the old Lj and shrunk some of it into icon size.

I will post a link to the page when its done, I would appreciate comments on the page layout, ease of navigation, viewing comfort, etc. Leave off any critique of the art itself unless you feel something I put up is inappropriate or offensive to prospective gig-meisters.

today was all Ps, tomorrow I am gonna do some manipulated sketches, and possibly see if my copy of illustrator will work on vistas, Then get started Building the page.
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I have some form of Synesthesia...
so ask you,

Is this(image under cut) ) Necessary?

can you not look at a color and tell quite clearly what colors you would have to blend to get it? I mean one of my favorite things to do when I am looking at anything is pick apart the color. I can look at anything and my brain instantly breaks down what and how much of each exact shade of what would need to be mixed to make that color...its not even a conscious thing really...I don't try to do it so much as I just automatically do it.

I never need to bring samples with me to the fabric store, and my entire life I have been supremely confused by the need for a mnemonic for rainbow order...Roy G Biv? really? you can't just look and say "Oh clearly that's how they go, green is clearly made from blue and yellow, purple is obviously blue and red, and can you not see that orange is yellow and red" and you can't remember the order they go in? really? you need help?

The first time I heard that from someone they looked at me like I was stupid cause I didn't know the Mnemonic, and I looked at them like they were stupid for needing one for something so obvious. That was the first time it occurred to me that other people might not see it as obvious. I had a hard time wrapping my head around that.

and also ...indigo? not really part of the deal

"All the Roy G. Biv mnemonics follow the tradition of including the colour indigo between blue and violet. Newton originally (1672) named only five primary colours: red, yellow, green, blue and violet. Only later did he introduce orange and indigo, giving seven colours by analogy to the number of notes in a musical scale.[30] Some sources now omit indigo, because it is a tertiary colour and partly due to the poor ability of humans to distinguish colours in the blue portion of the visual spectrum.[31]" - wikipedia entry

I am obsessed with things being in rainbow order, I call it colorbatizing and I have been known to buy things just because they were packaged incorrectly and need colorbatizing, and [ profile] supersniffles has shown great and everlasting best friend style patience with me when we are shopping and I stop and colorbatize a display that needs it.

My paints are all colorbatized, my crayons, pens, pencils, pastels as well. It's not quite an OCD , I don't HAVE to stop and rearrange everything, but its very satisfying when I see it all in the right order.

so I am curious... do you see the colors that make up the colors? do you use the mnemonic?
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Utrecht Art Supply's Twitter page featured my artwork as there background yesterday (you can still see the announcing it tweet)... And I , feeling particularly anti-social and misanthropic, decided to to NOT read my e-mail all day yesterday. So I missed the message from them, telling me that till this morning.

So while mine is not up there anymore (and also in addition to that much stupid, I can't remember which painting I even submitted...and they only started asking for submissions like a week ago, so I can not now update my resume accordingly...unless I just put "Has been featured on twitter page for Utrecht" under general whatever.) there is someone else's background art there and I quite like it.


the saddest part is seeing that probably would have made me feel a little more cheerful and less like the world is entirely peopled with selfish assholes (present company excluded).

ah well, at least it was there, even if I didn't get to see it.
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Okay so I finished "Pink Pop" the painting of [ profile] supersniffles (you can see it here) Yesterday morning. Again I thought there was gonna be another day or two of work on it, and was surprised to find it was finished after yesterday's session.

Wondering what I should do with it. It turned out really good, good enough to enter a show with, but it needs to be in an actual brick and mortar show or competition, or you lose the effect of the Gold Leaf Ground.

I've started on the next one off the "Unfinished because of the divorce" pile, which was going to be a figure/portrait of cheezboy, have decided to replace his figure with a collage of tv test patterns.

Did piecework for [ profile] karlito1984, he thinks I am spooky now. YAY. anyway was able to replace the giant disposable palette pad that cheezboy either forgot to pack or threw out despite the fact it was brand new in the wrapper still, thanks to that. As well as got some more canvases. (there's not enough room for stretching in the studio yet, so I had to buy some pre-stretched) Also I will be able to get a few other missing odds and sods with that money. So thanks for the order [ profile] karlito1984. I <3 people who support their local artists.

My Etsy shop has got a lot of views but no sales yet. considering adding more stuff even tho I said I wasn't gonna till something sold.

I had reserved a spot in the Main showcase for tomorrow so I think I am gonna put a few more things up today. Gotta go thru the studio and find stuff I can part with. Pretty much anything older than 2 years I can safely sell the original of. so it's time to be brutal. I need the space.

"One art Please!" -Dr. Zoidberg
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Visit My etsy shop, and if you have one yourself, favorite me and I will favorite you right back. (I already favorited you, [personal profile] misanthrope_mom)

I also made a fan page for my art on Fb, so if you are on Fb*, fan me please :) that can me found Here

I really want to do more to get the flow of money for art re-established, the divorce really threw me for a loop as far as that went, and just "Fan"-ing me and Etsy Hearting me can really help with that.

I am really bad at self promotion, and the business end of all this so I apologize for annoying everyone with this stuff. I would much rather paint and pay someone else to handle the selling and money and promotion but I have no idea how to find someone to do that... I really need to hire someone to find someone for me to hire to to do this stuff for me. But until that happens (or indeed, makes sense) help me out with a little free publicity.

*if you are reading this from facebook, please note you are reading an rss feed from my livejournal, not an actual Fb note
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I wanted to say a few things about art, and I have been kicking over these concepts in my head for a while, I am taking the time to jot them down. Feel free to skip if you are not interested, I just want to get this written out.

Why art shouldn't ever make you feel stupid.

There are several kinds of art, some I love others I feel are lazy, some I feel are pretentious, at any time different schools and disciplines become trendy.

I want to talk about a few of them, in the context of communication.

"modern" art;

This would be the squiggles and blobs and splashes of paint OR geometric forms painstakingly aligned, colored according to a theory or taste to evoke or communicate certain vague feelings. Some of these are styles that work to get a feeling across to the viewer, some of them only engender dismissal on the basis that the painter clearly is incapable of doing anything other than wasting paint. Or a feeling that you or your 4 year-old could do better. The truly significant art in this style still gets you to say "How did s/he do that?" not "What a bunch of crap! I could do that!"

Both styles will sell; the first because there are strokes of genius and a clear communication from artist to viewer (they get their point across, or make you want to look and examine the piece to find new treasures of feelings), the second because through some fluke of "critique" or commission driven snake oil salesmanship, the artist becomes a Hot Buy and you are made to feel stupid if you don't "get it" or buy it.

Here's a tip: If you don't get it, its because there's nothing there for you to get.

To purchase a piece of art that doesn't speak to you is stupid. If someone else "gets it" I mean it really actually spoke to them, not that they are too embarrassed to admit they bought crap based on pressure from a salesman, all this says about you is that there was nothing in that piece for you. You aren't stupid or culturally void, or lacking taste. You just aren't a sheep with an empty wallet and a piece of what you really see as crap on your wall, that you will grow to resent the purchase of.

A true Master in this style will be able to evoke some communication of feeling or concept in everyone who views the piece.


Impressionism is meant to evoke a feeling specific to the common experiences around us every day.

Everyone can remember a sweet and refreshing breeze through a field on a summer day. Or a candlelit evening dance or a spring rain in a garden. Rather than trying to hit a realistic depiction of these things Impressionist strive to get you to remember the feeling... the feeling of dancing, the peaceful sigh in your soul from the breeze, the sparkling clean of the rain.

Its about a the movement, the light, the art of a gesture or the tricks of the wind. The feeling of just now... the recording of the golden moment. "Right here at this point, is the Epitome of this experience"
It doesn't get more itself than this moment, this light, this movement. This says it all.

Its very hard to look at a master of impressionisms' work and not feel what they were trying to communicate. The images are so perfectly a record of that golden moment, that even if we've never been in a candlelit nightclub in Paris, or at a pond of water lilies, we can still "feel" it, based on our own golden moments.


There are two types of realism that I will discuss here, there is the realism where the settings and figures are clearly defined, anyone can look at it and say "There is a guy standing in the rain" It may not be a scene that ever actually happened or a real person, but the guy is definitely there and it is definitely raining.

Then there is Photorealism, an exact and painstaking reproduction of a real thing or person or place. Every detail perfectly recorded.

Realism in general is the artist saying "There is this and I think its art so I am going to paint it to communicate to others why this moment and set of objects/people is beautiful to me." The artist takes liberties with color, shapes etc. to accentuate or play down certain aspects of the image to direct the viewer to the things about the subject that matter to the artist.

Photorealism is usually "This is here and this is what it looks like" The artist takes no liberties with form or color, recording a historical object or person for posterity usually falls in this category. Photorealism is purely letting the subject speak for itself with very little of the artist added in.

Now, the point of this is all to communicate.

The artist is saying "This is how I feel" or "Remember how this feels?" or "This satisfies something in me and here's why."

The human brain is set up to read symbols, its how you are reading this, we are hardwired to learn a language of symbolism. These little pictures that I am stringing together make sense to you as words because you were taught English. if you speak a different language you might not understand the writing, but you recognize it as writing, you know that there is something being communicated here, even if you can't see the meaning or follow the string of little pictures. If you boil this hardwiring down to the very base ability, it is the ability to see a symbol and know its meaning. and we are born already understanding the language of symbols to some extent.

for instance take this, Happy Its a smile face. A circle two dots and a curved line. It looks nothing like a human face really. If you saw someone who looked like that really, you'd run screaming in the opposite direction. But drawn on the sidewalk in chalk, you see it as you pass by all the people in the world who don't actually look like this, and your brain goes "Ping! Happy Face! YAY!"

Or you see a thick brown line with a green oval Perched on top Tree and your brain goes "Ping! Tree!" But trees don't actually look like that. But you see this symbol for tree and you can know that the tree is what is being communicated. But, by the same token you don't go outside and see a maple and go "What the heck is that? It looks nothing like that symbol!" So everyone has it in them to recognize the simple symbol and the complex data of the reality and put them both into the same category. They are both "Tree".

So because of this, most people are comfortable with art that falls somewhere in the range of "Stick figure" to "Wyeth Portrait". If you ask the viewer to leave that comfort zone, you are challenging their ability to recognize symbols...which since it is a basic wiring, is saying "You are wired wrong if you can't see that these three blobs of orange paint are a parrot and six naked women" or "This fluffy pink blob speaks of eternal angst and if you can't see that you lack the finer feelings and a soul" when in fact the artist is at fault for failing to get across the communication on a human level.

The end, now leave me alone, I'm painting.
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Ugh we have had a rough three weeks at our house, colds and stomach flus had their way with both of us.


I am trying to remember the name of a park.

Somewhere between san jose and morgan hill or gilroy there is a park, all I can remember is being there in the fall, and a creek running against a backdrop of hills with lots of tall yet thin, birch like trees, some picnic tables and a nice trail.

I wanna say it's calero or calera or Uvas or something like that, but all the pictures of those I can find online don;t look anything like it.

It's driving me nuts

I really wanna go out there, take a walk and some pictures.


Oh and BTW

Jun. 22nd, 2008 10:03 am
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While we were cleaning the room, I FOUND MY LIGHTPEN. Thus saving myself the 80 bux it was gonna cost to have wacom send me a replacement. Right now it is in the bedroom in the little cube cabinet (I know you don't know or care where that is, but later when I forgot where I put it this will be very handy for me). So as soon as the rest of the house is in order I can install my tablet...YAY.
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And shot my little arrow out there.

and in other news

I would like some coffee please....
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It was a unifying grand idea. An Art Project that would use the world for it's palette and people for the brushes.

Here is the Idea... most people nowadays has some form of Digital camera... either a small key chain digicam or a Massive pro kit or somewhere in between... cell phones, film cameras and Kodak discs from the developer, to regular old snap shot mid range bought it on sale at fry's cameras.

And most people have a front door of some kind... (although sadly, not everyone, *fights urge to launch into political tirade*)

So here's what I think everyone should do, take a picture like
this )
out your front door, using the door frame as the matte for the picture and post it to your journal.

Some things to consider

1) The light, Make sure there is more light outside than inside.
2) if your front door looks out on any businesses make sure you smudge or blur the signs out (this isn't for free advertising nor do you want to list any phone numbers that may be on signs)
3) Try not to Freak out your neighbors (put some clothes on!)

Feel free to repost this to your journal as an explanation of what you are doing.

I don't know if this will be interesting or if it will be the most useless exercise ever.

But Let's see what your little corner of the world looks out on.


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