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To Uncle Rick and Cousin Marie!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] supersniffles
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So the morning did not start out well... tony was excessivly difficult to get out of bed, eventually I just left him to fend for himself, cause I wanted to get some work done in the studio before it got warm in there. Then while I was painting, The doorbell rang! and who was standing at my door?

I giant Winnie the Pooh Mylar SINGING Balloon with a Cindi attached to it! She took the day off to spend with me!, so I cleaned up from painting and scared the kittens withthe balloon (unintentionally... who'd have thought a Giant Singing Mylar balloon would scare them? but man it freaked them out, especially pancake)
She also made me the most beautiful socks :) They are so pretty I am afraid to put my feet in them.

Luckily it was also disturbing enough to finally get Tony to wake up.

So Cindi and me went on a little shopping expedition, which was fun we took our time, had some sushi for lunch then she put up with a stop for coffee.

Then we came home, Next Door Man and His Trusty Sidekick came over witha a card and we sat around talking till Tony came home from work, then Tony took me out for Dinner (we had planned on going to see Star Trek as well, but it was so late by the time we were done with dinner I was fading fast, having woken up at 6am.)

So he got me a video game I'd wanted and  a Wii Fit! YAY!!! so we came home and completely cleaned (and when I say "we" he did most of it and finished it after I finally fell asleep so he is my hero today) the living room and moved everything around so there was room to use it.

This has confused the cats as everything smells the same but isn't where it was.

So this morning I got up and set the thing up and did my first workout on it.

I was surprised its actually a pretty good workout. I did the Yoga (except the last unlocked pose cause I am pretty sure my balance isn't up to that one yet) and the aerobic stuff (all but the 2 player run...cause I only had me handy) and one of the balance games. I am waiting on the strength training till I get used to it and  a little more stretchy.

It was really good cause I was able to warm up  stretch and get my heart rate up without having to walk past the scary creepy neighbour from the front house or anything.

So as far as a work out goes I think it was pretty good, it was 18 minutes of work out for the stuff I did, and I could feel the stretchy and the heart rate. I don;t know how effective it'll be in the long run... but we'll see.
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[ profile] ozzwepay

I love you.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] sylvan

Love you !
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Happy Birthdays to [ profile] justnate


Thumper (Who is six years old today)
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Well I am all dolled up and waiting on [ profile] ozzwepay.

The sense of foreboding I felt earlier was hormone related, which is better except for the fact that I will be enjoying my birthday with cramps.

He has something planned but I got to pick the restaurant so I chose Outback, with help from [ profile] supersniffles wise guidance. ("You eat Mexican and Japanese all the time... go for the steak")

Thank you to everyone who put a happy wish for me in their LJ's That cheered me up a lot :)

well I think he's downstairs so I better go down...
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Well I went to bed early last night in case I couldn't get back to sleep after I woke up at 3:56am. But I was able to for a little bit, waking up for good at 6 am. The kittens are chasing each other around the living room. I still don't know what if anything [ profile] ozzwepay has planned. But feel very much like today will suck. I don't know why, I just don't have a good feeling about it. Here's hoping I am wrong.
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....I am sick, and I get to spend my birthday rooting through the storage locker thanks to the fiasco with the key from last weekend.

But on the plus side, all of the kittens seemed to have decided that momma's litter box is the way to go.

and there was a scare last night when Zelda could not be found, I fell asleep worried that he was stuck or worse, and I tossed and turned on it most of the night, but [ profile] ozzwepay was sure he was just asleep someplace where we couldn't see him. So this morning I was awoken by [ profile] ozzwepay, a sleepy "Happy Birthday" and a sleepy Zelda kitten looking me straight in the face for kisses. so YAY
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It's my Birthday today.

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Yesterday I got called into work for the first time. I only got one reading but it was 15$ for 15 minutes of work.
Today [ profile] supersniffles and me are gonna go play.


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