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Not bad... had a momentary "Oh Shit" when it acted up on Me trying to get a frame closed in Photoshop and started freaking out in an apparently Vista like fashion. BUt nothing's blown up yet and the longer I have it the more things I am finding that can be TURNED THE FUCK OFF for my computing pleasure.

So I am feeling less and less like downgrading although I still am not super happy with it.

The one thing it keeps doing that is pissing me off still is I like an Autohide task bar, and it keeps flickering up when the mouse is nowhere near it. it's very annoying.
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stuff (programs,web pages) is loading faster than on the old machine, But this is more a property of the awesome hardware and nothing to do with vista.

the bubble screensaver is to cool not to use, but Zelda thinks it's a kitten toy
Still wondering what is throttling the internet usages, web pages load pdq but downloads are like watching paint dry.
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Okay so I figured out how to turn off that fucking UAC thing.

Here's the Pro/Cons so far on the new OS


Made for people who have never used a computer before, but want a really annoying and patronizing experience when they turn it on.
Needs to be cajoled and talked into running anything 

Really bad data management... things take forever to Download and install (things that took 20 seconds on the old computer with less memory and the crappy cpu and tiny HDD take about 5-10 something is throttling something somewhere) 

Things It doesn't want you monkeying with are hidden with inaccurate titles, links, and descriptions to keep you from monkeying with them 

It doesn't like having to talk to the network, so getting stuff off the network is a pain in the butt ...*edite* I finally convinced XP and Vista to speak to each other...what a pain in the ass that was.

You can't copy into the program files folder from another source (This may be a settings change I haven't found yet, but the boo still stands for making me look for it in the first place) 
Okay fixed turns out there are three levels of "box checked" in Vista, not checked, sort of checked and checked, and your program files folder is sort of checked off as read only as default, 

So when you look to see if that's the problem, the box is shaded in blue and not "Checked Off" I guess this means that somewhere in the program files folder there are some undisclosed number of Read Only files that makes the the main folder read only ... so you clear that box and it goes thru a 2 minute proccess of changing it. it tells you when things have to stay read only... My frustraion comes from the fact that I wasn't trying to write to any of the files that were read only...but because the Main folder contained "some" files that were I couldn't write to anything in main file at all. VERY STUPID

Came preloaded with a BUNCH of crap from HP and Microsoft, and Surpirse! you can't uninstall any of it because there is no way to show it in the Fucking control panel thing that replaced add/remove. I mean ... I will find a way...but you can't just pull up add/remove and get rid of the trial offer garbage.


After restarting with a IE window open, it went back and found my pages I was on and reloaded them. That was pretty cool
The replacement for active sync was actually surprisingly easy to switch to the new partnership. I was expecting a bigger fight.
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The Delicate ecosystem that was my horrifying mish mash of parts brought together by sheer force of will to form a computer has finally died.
So I am typing this from the new computer a refurbished fry's folly. So far I am have less than the suggested amount of fun with Vista. As it seems to have been made for people who have never seen a computer before. Everytime I try to get it to do something it asks me if I am sure I want to do that, which is apparently a feature called UAC.... Please dear geeks gods and godesses.... is there a way to turn this shit off? *found it...nvm*

The salesman asked me if I liked this one, he said "Isn't it Pretty?" I then scared the crap out of him by running a dxdiag on it and then forcing him to tell me exactly what ports and expansion slots I would be getting, Varifying that the proccessor was in fact DC and whether or not it came with a downgrade license for xp (like the ones at microcenter) (he was wrong on most of his answers incidentally, but it doesn't do to have a girl appear to know more than you about computers in front of the other slack-jawed commission jockeys)

Anyways... the jury is still out on whether or not I like this machine, I need to see how it does with photoshop and illustrator and wow, then I will leave you know the verdict.


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