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this is a company that does prints from your up-loaded files, mats/mounts/frames called redbubble. They let you set a markup and they take the base price and you take the marked up amount. Its a little like cafe press meets etsy, but they actually care about art and art alone, no crafts.

PLUS it is free to set up and join for the artists and they run competitions with no entry fee. so I am trying there for prints, I took all the prints down off etsy and left the sales for the original paintings and moved them to redbubble (all of the prints are down off etsy, I just haven't put them all up on redbubble yet, still working on it)

I've only been up there for like 4 days or so now, but I have entered a challenge click here to visit the challenge page

So give it a look. I've gotten some nice feedback, but I am still wandering through the site and looking at stuff. They give you a little more leeway in customization of your storefront, but I haven't gotten fancy with that yet.
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also you can "fan" my Public Facebook page just for my art here.

Amy-Elyse Neer's Facebook Page
Amy-Elyse Neer's Facebook Page
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Okay so I finished "Pink Pop" the painting of [ profile] supersniffles (you can see it here) Yesterday morning. Again I thought there was gonna be another day or two of work on it, and was surprised to find it was finished after yesterday's session.

Wondering what I should do with it. It turned out really good, good enough to enter a show with, but it needs to be in an actual brick and mortar show or competition, or you lose the effect of the Gold Leaf Ground.

I've started on the next one off the "Unfinished because of the divorce" pile, which was going to be a figure/portrait of cheezboy, have decided to replace his figure with a collage of tv test patterns.

Did piecework for [ profile] karlito1984, he thinks I am spooky now. YAY. anyway was able to replace the giant disposable palette pad that cheezboy either forgot to pack or threw out despite the fact it was brand new in the wrapper still, thanks to that. As well as got some more canvases. (there's not enough room for stretching in the studio yet, so I had to buy some pre-stretched) Also I will be able to get a few other missing odds and sods with that money. So thanks for the order [ profile] karlito1984. I <3 people who support their local artists.

My Etsy shop has got a lot of views but no sales yet. considering adding more stuff even tho I said I wasn't gonna till something sold.

I had reserved a spot in the Main showcase for tomorrow so I think I am gonna put a few more things up today. Gotta go thru the studio and find stuff I can part with. Pretty much anything older than 2 years I can safely sell the original of. so it's time to be brutal. I need the space.

"One art Please!" -Dr. Zoidberg


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