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Okay So First of all... Now that I am about two days away from exalted with my Rogue with SSO, I am really dragging my heals... can't seem to get Motivated to do the Whole rack of dailies. Mind you, My Lock is Honored (to get those enchants) and My Mage is Exalted (possibly the source of the burn out) I am seriously considering just doing the ones that may result in in BoJ's. That'll make it take two extra days... but at this point that seems like a fair trade off, especially if it means not having to "Crush The Dawnblade" Again... that quest is hard on rogues.... everything is so close together that you are often in combat with someone else's Mob and can't stealth or eat after yours is dead.

I forced Jimmycat to come over and Multi Player race MKWii with me... but I have to say I really miss the Double Dash Element from the GCN version. And I do not like the split screen... there's too much vertical stuff in this one for the horizontal split... it's hard to look at. (and btw nothing is more fun than humiliating your Boyfriend's Best friend in a video game, we we were online racing against others in regional he got the "Standings have been decided already" message like 4 times while I was coming in first and second.

and finally
I downloaded the new Nintendo Channel (awesome... your own DS Download spot from your Wii!) and watched the wii fit video. OMG I want so bad!!! Anyone else gonna get that?
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I am in a whimsical mood today I thought I would share two of [ profile] ozzwepay and my self's favorite games.

Parking Lot Sharks )

Grocery Check-Out WTF? )

Try them next time you are out.


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