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Spent some time on the patio taking care of our little cement farm. I think this weekend Irving will have to come down, he's got 6 tiny tomatoes on him, but they've been the same size and same degree of not getting red for about 2 months now, (you know because it's winter and weather?) so I think it's time to chop him down and see how the bag held up. The seedling superbush for next summer is doing great in the mini green house, not sure yet if the hanging bag gets another shot or not.

Here's the thing, The bag worked FUCKING awesome, as far as growth, and keeping pests off. (there was a little bit of a fly issue late in the summer those little white ones, but a sticky trap took care of that PDQ.) And even bloom wise it was pretty impressive. The Problem with it was No Pollinators visited. I do not know if this was caused by the bag itself, like the plastic or the pattern weren't attractive smells and sights for the little buggers or if it was because for the first time the cement farm had no flowers besides the blooms on the tomato itself. (not for lack of trying but the marigolds just didn't come up this year) So it is possible the garden just didn't look yummy enough to attract anyone.

Irving got to be about 6 feet long and for the most part grew down and out a little, A few vines branched off and up, but the central stalk of the vine is thick and healthy, about 4 inches around and a good color and not rotted at all. (which are a few of the concerns reviews of the bags brought up before I tried it)

So I think if the bag held up its' integrity (no holes or patches that look like they are about to be holes) and turns out to be relatively easy to clean out, I will try it again with the superbush, only this year as soon as there are open blooms I will go out there with a qtip and hand pollinate right away, just in case.

I do think I will try one of the strawberry ones, though, since the basics of the bag worked out so well, and I may get a second one for a bell pepper.

The first set of Chili Peppers is now hanging and drying in the dining room. The orange fogo. And so far (fingers crossed) the plant is surviving the winter and may make it to next spring. If it does then YAY but I do have a seedling ready to replace it just in case in the greenhouse.

The loofah have come up in the greenhouse just fine, so that should be interesting, they look really healthy and they could be transplanted now if the weather were going to stay like today. but I doubt it so they are staying in the greenhouse for now.

The tree experimental seedlings are looking good too, so far I have what 5 different 4 inch tree seedlings, and they are either apple, pear, lemon or limes. Judging by the leaves I believe I have apples. So the next step there is to transplant them in the spring to bigger planters, I will most likely get a set of quart pots and put them each in one, by the end of next summer I may have some to give away if they all grow like gangbusters, but if you comment and say you think you'll want one for your yard, keep in mind I am not 100% sure they are apples, and it will be a few years before you'll know for sure since they started from seed this past summer. They are definitely a tree and they are definitely a fruit tree, but I failed at labeling which row of the tray had which seed, All I know is they are not the row that is bell pepper seeds cause they are all down the center and the peppers are along one edge (and, oddly enough haven't sprouted)

Anyway we will only be keeping one, so if they are all doing well in the fall I will let everyone know and ask who wants to come grab one. (even if you comment here you want one, look for that and comment again so I don't forget)

The Bearded Iris are still leafing and looking nice each year, but that pot is really only big enough to keep the corms alive, I really need to get those into a bigger pot so they'll actually come up and bloom

The garlic looks good, got about 70% on actual viable plants there so not bad.
The basil was fantastic all season long it was really nice to be able to walk out and grab a few leaves every night for cooking, and we have jar of dried fromt he last harvest in the kitchen, plus the plants themselves are wintering over really nicely so far, so I think those should make a nice comeback in the spring. Also the chamomile is looking fantastic and I expect beautiful things from it when it's time for bloomage, however I do not care for chamomile tea so when harvest time comes around a bag of dried chamomile will be made available for whoever wants it. (I just like the flowers and my mom sent me a beautiful packet of a lovely heirloom seed for them, so I had to plant them)

The nicotiana is growing well (I had to re-start it) but it did not get enough heat to actually go to town last summer, so I expect a good show from it this coming season.

Adding to the garden this coming year I plan on starting another hot pepper variety, the aforementioned strawberry bagsket (I made that word up!), and some herbage past basil. Bottled herbs are so F'ing expensive, so I am going to grow the ones I use the most from now on. So Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, and such.

Dill worked out really well last time I did it, but I only use it for a few recipes and I still have a GIANT bag of frozen vacuum sealed dill in the freezer from last time I did dill, so I think I am gonna skip dill this year, but I will probably add it next year.

Flower wise I am going to go for a few butterfly and hummer bird attractors, and probably direct sow into a big planter a mix of things that have about the same season. Whatever comes up comes up.

I'd really love to try a potato bag or some baby carrots, but I think that will have to wait, I don't think I will have enough room for those this year.

As far as other pipe dreams for the cement farm, I'd really love to get the rack and the cabinet moved so I can get lime and lemon container trees in front of the patio sliding door we never use. (If you've never seen our patio, the front wall of our apartment has two windows, then the front door then the sliding glass door then the kitchen window, so the sliding glass door pretty much acts like a clear wall we never use and usually have the blinds pulled in front of. But I like the idea of getting some small container trees along it. So eventually I want a small japanese maple and a lime and a lemon and if I can find one locally, the tree you harvest cinnamon bark from. They have them here, but are sold out. The can grow up to 32 feet! But since we plan on eventually having a yard to put these trees in, I'm not real worried about it, if anything, when it starts to puncture the balcony awning, this will be our queue to start house hunting. lol

Anyway I've had a nice gardening babble, if you want to call dibs on spare

1) possible apples (next fall)
2) Loofah seedling (early spring)
3) bag of dried chamomile (next fall)
4) Possible spare fresh herbage (late summer)

Please keep in mind you will have to come get them yourself, since I am still carless and don't know when that will be fixed, and you'll need to comment again when I say they are ready and come and get em, to ensure I do not give your thing away to someone else because I forgot.
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Okay this is the first bloom ever on the angel wing rose, it's about and Inch and a Half across and just opened today, it's a miniature antique tea rose.

Angel Wing Rose
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You can't decide between the healthier looking small one and the Larger but less healthy looking Cucumber seedling and let them both share the mound? The Healthy small one kills the big unhealthy one.

So I am down to the one plant now. I guess you could say I let nature thin them for me. They are hermaphroditic little freaks though, so this one will get male and female flowers and is already making them and some cucumbers actually.

The Peas are blooming and the Nicotiana is 4' tall now and about to bloom. The marigolds are getting ready to bloom as are the sweet peas and the mini rose has doubled in size since I put some of this fertilizer that [ profile] supersniffles bought on it.

The Pumpkin is doing well looks like it's budding and starting to send out tendrils which will eventually become vines. The tomatoes have done nothing but get a little bigger... still not anywhere near fruiting, but doing strong and healthy, Herbs are coming along, Johnny Jump ups still going insanely well, strawberries tiny, but healthy looking. all in all the garden looks great.

My two concerns are the stuff in the hanging planter , while a healthy shade of green, and strong looking , isn;t growing as fast as they should and hasn't shown any signs of budding yet. Two of the things in there I am not super worried about as they are fall flowers, but the Poppies again are a concern, and I think the cosmos should be farther along at this point. and the Lily of the Valley... I was expecting it to be more closer to blooming by now, it being May and all.
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Who here thinks [ profile] supersniffles
needs this

Pinky Winky Hydrangea


Mar. 27th, 2008 11:47 am
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Let's Play in My Garden! )

Long winded gardening post...YAY Spring!!
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Jovibarba Succulent (which is what the freak cactus turns out to be. Also known as a Hen and Chicks)

"Upon maturity (usually around 3 to 4 years old) the plant will send up a single stalk that can reach 5-15 cm tall. The head of the stalk is a cluster of star-shaped flower buds 1-2 cm in diameter, which range in color from dark pink to yellow and that flower for several weeks. After blooming, the plant will die.

Usually by this time it has produced many offsets ('chicks')."


well I will have to take lots of pictures of it blooming, hopefully there are chicks under there... but the planter is laid out in such a way that I really can't check. It's almost 4 years old, and it just sent up that single stalk.

It's kind of like the Logan's Run of succulents...


Mar. 17th, 2008 02:24 pm
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TWO little tomato seedlings have come up... and one tiny rose seedling!

so now everything has sprouted YAY.

I hope more of the roses come up, there's 6 seedling cups of a few seeds each, and I had hoped to give the extras to friends, it's a pale pink miniature antique tea rose.

I am also hoping for more strawberry seedlings so far just one of the 6 of those has sprouted. But I am super happy at least one of all the three hard ones came up.

And extra super happy to get two tomato seedlings.

also, freakishly enough, one of the succulents suddenly decided that 3 inches wasn't good enough and shot up with this 10 inch growth. Like in the last week and a half.
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Today's tangent ramble looking for tips on when and how to harvest the Dill I am growing for Pickling the Mini Cucumbers I am growing lead to this product... which I am sure is a fine product... but the name is really funny

Fish & Poop
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So we have a hummingbird feeder and a little wooden bird house shaped like a frog which we had hooked a stick of wild bird seed to.

Over the last week the hummingbirds have come to visit every morning and gotten some nectar. But this morning two little birds which are obviously a boy and a girl of the same ilk (which I have not looked up yet to see what exactly) are eating the seed stick on the froggy... maybe the will decide to use the bird house and have little baby birdlettes!!!


what a nice way to wake up!


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