Dec. 15th, 2009 09:06 am
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Going out with the hippies... I have till noon to work on the project then I have to get ready to go...

Probably won't get it all done today.
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So the other day I am futzing around on the internets, and as I do every so often I entered the long stream of weird ass last names associated with my family into various search enigines and Db's to see if more info can be found for mom's Lineage research.

For instance My great gramma Luba was a seamstress in Manhattan So I look thru fashion histories and such to see if I can find references to her or My great grampa Julius, her husband who was a tailor. ( the reason I have hope of finding something is because they specialized in evening wear for Broadway stars, my gramma would tell me stories about how when she was little these famous stars would come to their house and such all the time for fittings or to pick up finished garments, and it wasn't till years later she realized they were famous)

well to this bent it suddenly occurred to me to check their last name in the IMDb and see if any costume credits had ever been associated with them, there was nothing. But then for shits and giggles I put in the Last Name of my gramma after she was married and I found this

Joseph Coencas, which is the same Name as my mom's cousin in New York (this would be my grampa Charlie's brothers son) This is the Joseph that us west coast branch of the family are encouraged to visit and stay over with on trips that go that direction, My sister stayed there for a week before she went on to Africa, My Uncle rick goes out to visit with him and his Hubby every once in a while... etc...

(I was even told if I wanted to I could stay with him on that end of the big trip, but my goal was to skip as much of New York as possible because leaving all that stuff in my car even for one night in New York sounded like a bad plan to me)

So after finding this link I wrote an E-mail to my mom with the link ( I am sure at this point it is a coincidence, mainly because I would think this would be a proud family history tidbit that we'd have grown up knowing about) saying "Is this Our Joseph Coencas?"

to which she has just replied the following

"yes... he wrote a screen play about a gay relationship many years ago. love mom"

(mom thinks if she hits enter it will send the e-mail so she never does any paragraph breaks in her e-mails...all her emails end like that)


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