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Yes it is long enough (the braid) and yes it is going on monday

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I ain't got no hairs...YAY! )
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Well that is it! I cannot take it anymore! It's too heavy and it took me about 45 minutes to comb after I showered. sick of it.

I had [ profile] supersniffles take a picture of it so I could look at it and see if I felt like I would miss how it looked... all I could think was "Holy shit I am three inches away from needing to put it up in pins to take crap" and that thought, as you can imagine, was the last straw.

So here's how it looks now;Click here for the pic )

I was toying with two inches as a good length But I think I might find I want it a little shorter to start with (My hairs grow really fast, this current mop is only 2 years old, I get about an inch a month)

So I have made an appointment for saturday at three, gonna have her chop it to two inches all over and then trim from there for style, I want it just long enough to lay flat (not stick up off my head) but short enough to not hit the point where the curl starts...I mean it's gonna have texture cause of the way my hair curls, but a few months with not enough to actually corkscrew up sound fucking heaven at this point.

I am also changing the color to a more copper/blonde red (closer to my natural and besides, short curly ruby red hair is too bozo wig)

I was a little worried that my face might be too round for such a short cut, but since I usually tie my hair back tight and off my face and look fine like that, it'll only look slightly different from the front, and I know I can look good without a ton of hair around my face so I am not worried at all about that, and after I made the appointment it was all I could to to not chop most of it off myself and let Christine fix it from there. But I can wait till saturday.

So the plan is a stop at sally to get the new color, a soft boar bristle brush (I only have long hair brushes) some new shampoo and product for it (I only have product for long styles) then go get the mo-fo chopped the fuck off, then come home and do the new color. I will post a pic after all that's done.

Comments welcome, but unless you think this is a horrifying mistake (remember my hair grows way too fast so "You'll miss it" is not a reason not to do it, cause I won't), please be supportive.

(note on the pic... the wetness at the top is actually product for frizz control and this is the hair blown dry straight to show the length so this is not the natural curl)
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Want to shave head...must resist...hate summer..grrr
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We got the boy back to his grandparents safe and sound sunday night, Purple Hair and all )

After 30$ worth of scrubbing Products and at least 5 hours of him trying to get the run off off his skin and having to bleach out the tub twice I can safely say that the RAW color Brand that they sell at hot topic is Crap. Yes his hair is the color he wanted but he spent the better part of 48 hours matching it head to toe... not even kidding. I mean you expect a little bit of run... maybe a stained pillow case... but this was ridiculous... not to mention it smelled like grape Jolly Ranchers.

Still after a tiny amount of perfectly understandable teenage moping... he was starting to Joke about it... so he came through with his sense of Humor intact. And as you can see from the picture it looks fabu!


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