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May. 9th, 2008 07:17 pm
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well yesterday Zelda and trinket got their grown up collars. Mr. Mad Scientist Zelda got a dark red leather snake skin pattern silver buckle safety collar with a Rhinestone "Z" on it. And trinket got a black velvet silver buckle safety collar with a little rhinestone crown charm on it.

Zelda had what we thought was going to be his big boy collar, but he kept growing and it was a little snug on the widest notch and he'd shredded the side cause it was bugging him. also we had wanted to get him the "Z" for it but they were out when we bought that one.

Because for some reason a few people still can't tell Zelda and Pancake apart. Pancake is 15 pounds of super fluffy cuddle bum and Zelda is 10 pounds of sleek crazy in a 8 pound sack. They are even obviously different shades of orange.

So we had gotten Pancake's grown up collar a while ago cause he got so big so fast and it has a rhinestone "P" on it, we hoped that would help the perceptually challenged remember who was who... but no. Pancake is so fluffy that you can't barely see his collar. so now they both have their initial, and if you still can't tell them apart... I can't help you .

Trinket got a crown because she's the Princess. The Georgie Cat has a Black Patent Leather Buckle safety collar with a rhinestone heart charm on it. But Trinket is Torbie and The Georgie Cat is is Orange on silver ticked so no one ever gets them mixed up.

Why The Georgie Cat is My Familliar )

The only thing missing is because we did not think we would be able to keep Pancake when we got their tags engraved is his is the only one that doesn't say "I AM LOVED" on it. It just says "Big Fat Pancake". So we want to take that one and have the back engraved with "I AM LOVED". And we want to get trinket a tag that says

Binds on Pick Up
+13 Agility
Equip: increases effective stealth level by 2 when under the bed
Chance on hit: Puts wearer to sleep
Use: retrieve balls (2 second cooldown)"

Because we are HUGE geeks. but we also know that will never fit on a tag that would be a comfortable size for her.

we are very close to the Babies 2nd Birthday so I am feeling very misty about when they were tiny kittens.
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Friday night was bad sleeping all around, [ profile] ozzwepay didn't get a lot of sleep cause his stomach was acting up, and we had to get up early to take the Kittens for their vaccinations. (the Georgie Cat had already had hers)

Long Story of Kitten Herding )


So then there was flaking )

All in all it was an exhausting day,

Trinket and Zelda are still a little loopy and lethargic from their shots. Pancake is fine tho. go figure.
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The Georgie Cat, Having had a litter, knows in the lizard part of her brain that she is supposed to go out and get some right now. She has apparently fallen helplessly in love with Willow, the boy cat from next door, and every morning when I go out to water the container garden she tries to come out and find him, and hisses at me and squeaks when I pick her up and put her back in the house.

The sad thing is I think Willow loves her back cause I caught them sniffing and matching paws together thru the screen door the other night. Which is all very sweet, but I tried to explain to them that even if they did "get together" She don't have the parts to make it worth her while no mo... and he was fixed before he ever got the raging kitty hormones going, so not only couldn't he do what she wants doing, he doesn't even know that's what he supposed to do.

I also told her she can't go outside cause last time she went outside she came back drunk and pregnant... but she isn't listening to me.

Although Willow is a stunning Cat he is mostly white with two silly little black patches under his ears and he has super long soft fur and a little maine coon to him, so I think if they were able to, the kittens would be super cute, but there are reasons for getting kitties fixed and we see them every time we go to the pet store and look at the little rescued kitties that need homes.

So this is the story of Doomed Kitty Love. I should ask Our neighbors if willow is flea dropped. if he is maybe he can come in and visit The Georgie Cat, maybe that will make her feel less sad when she can't go outside.

Of course The Children will have to be in another room for this cause the boys do not like willow (I think they are jealous) and trinket is scared of him.

Ah... Young Love.
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So I am sitting here getting the pictures upload to make the post to the [ profile] baaaaabyanimals journal, and Trinket prances by with the big fat mousie toy ( a little pouch shaped like a mouse made out of fake suede that you fill with catnip) she loves this thing and has actually learned how to throw it for herself to go fetch. so I am typing away, when suddenly big fat mouse comes sailing over my shoulder and lands clean as you please in my coffee...not so much as a drop splashed out. I turn around and she is sitting there looking at me like "Can I have my toy back please?"

Yes because kittens need caffeine with their catnip.... NOT!
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Here' a Picture of the sleeping trinket )
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How long will it take the kittens to learn not to lie behind the rolling desk chairs no matter how much they love us.
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Okay Just the two who still need homes

Pancake and Zelda are still in need of Good Homes )
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[Poll #722179]
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The sweetness is a month old today! YAY!

Here is a link to the gallery they are in

Super been warned!

This is

Apr. 30th, 2006 10:04 pm
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Monkey and Kancho sleeping and Trinket's Butt


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Today at 9 pm The Georgie cat went into Labor and out popped 5 new little friends.
Pictures and much ceaseless babbling about them to follow.


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