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Still... I've got a few things up, but I am having issues stemming form the fact that "art brain" turns off "coding brain" so I am giving up updating the web site till I feel like I have enough stuff done to show off, I keep making stupid website errors that I normally know how to fix.

So I have done a section of stuff that is from photos manipulated, some stuff that is from scratch digital, and some animated stuff, as well as some Hand drawn scanned in digitally edited stuff.

so far the thing I like the best is the art fairy.... I am gonna insert it here, but its coming off the website, so as I work on it this might break
Art Fairy

I did this by taking a picture of a posed drawing dummy and a picture of a Paintbrush, then I did many many things to put the two together thusly.
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wow... if you want to see lines and lines of COMPLETELY unnecessary Code... write something using the web page template in Word and then view source...

Sigh... I miss golive... I guess I will have to reinstall it.

Hopefully I can put up with golive's glitches long enough to fix a few broken things on the site.

(to clarify Golive is a great product... but the version I have is quite ancient now and I have to kind of nudge it along in spots, as there's no more patches for it)
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is new stuff up on if anyone is interested.

Including a bigger, and legible version of this user pic, the big trip is back up, as is the application to take over the world
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Is up and running and being temperamentally hosted by a friend for free. If you had a link to Leechco .COM please replace it with .net.

.com got eaten by the divorce and now has a squatter on it...(who knew anyone thought an artist made enough money to make it worth their while?)

The new site is not quite as elaborate and focuses more on art and less on pissing people off....for now


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