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okay, so this guy is apparently not going to get back to me or pay me for this piece work. he thinks this is a fucking hobby (see previous post labeled "It's not a fucking hobby")

I know times are tough and art is seen as a luxury, I also know I am timid about self promotion.

But I also know my art is good, and I know what it sells for when times are good, because I have sold when people are buying. I have been in juried shows ( the last one I was in took all three that I entered and hung one in the the most prominent spot (right when you came in the door it was the first thing you saw), and with three pieces in the show I was the most represented artist there.)

tomorrow our cable internet/phone is going to get shut off.

Which as far as modern conveniences go is annoying, but as far as finding more work and tony finding a new job and such it is detrimental.

If you care to help
here is what you can do.

I have a wide selection of greeting cards and prints and tee's available at

This is a company that prints my work in whatever format you prefer and will even matte and frame it and handles all the shipping, so even if we do lose connection tomorrow you will still get your art/tee.

even if you just buy a greeting card that would help. (if everyone on my friends list bought one greeting card that would pay most of the bill)

I get half of whatever you spend on the print, and they offer discounts and free shipping for multiple items (not every type of item, but most prints can ship free if you buy certain amounts, and greeting cards offer a bulk discount as well)

My Etsy shop

which will be greatly hindered by losing the internet as I will have no way to check and see if anyone bought anything I need to send out, and yes, so far its only led to off site sales, but just in case I keep it up.
If you wanted anything off of there, now would be the time to buy it as I am going to have to put it in vacation mode before I go to bed tonight.

There's also the stuff at

Which seems to be selling in dribs and drabs and still hasn't sold enough to make the commissions equal enough to be a payment to me, so not as helpful to us in the short term.

Also, if you go to

You will see the front page has some corporate links on it, if you were ever of a mind to purchase things from adobe, blick art supplies, Crayola or Joann's fabrics on line, or even browse their wares, if you could start by getting there through my links I would get some ad revenue.

I know times are tough all over, and I know that a lot of you may not see what I do as a "Real Job"

I know the government doesn't because I don't do skilled work to create an product for sale to others...

oh wait... um,

okay uh, not a real job because... Oh! they don't teach it in school? Wait, how did I get my graphics and typesetting certification then? Or my AA in arts?

hmmmm, why is it this isn't a "Real Job" again?

Oh I know... its because when times are tough no one buys it...

oh wait, that's why people in all industries are getting laid off right now...

lets see, I know there is a reason....

it's not nine to five? That must be it!

Okay so since I do four hours of painting in the mornings from about 7-11-ish and then take a break to eat breakfast have some coffee and check my email and then spend another four-eight hours doing things related to art, such as posting promo pics looking for and doing graphics gigs, listing new work on various sales sites, and looking for venues to show in, then stop working and have dinner and watch some tv before going to bed, EVERY DAY.... yah you're right its not a 9-5 "real job" so I cannot file for unemployment benefits, or qualify for health care assistance, or get food stamps when the rest of the economy takes a turn for the worse and I can't find buyers. The Government has got me there.

I would, of course, like all of you, prefer not to be asking anyone for pity help or assistance that wasn't earned, but there it is. So if you can help us out, I would really appreciate it. Even if its just by using one of my site links to buy something you were going to buy anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if this doesn't work I may not see you for a while.
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so while not everything is unpacked and there is still some stuff at[ profile] supersniffles's house that I need to look thru... so far it looks like cheezboy stole, abandoned, or neglected to deliver to storage, about 121$ worth of studio equipment, incluing all my canvas stretching supplies ( all of which are specifically stated as belonging to me in the property settlement...) and about another 100$ in various furniture from the studio (wooden folding tables I use for work surfaces when painting and the toolbox my dad gave me which in addition to stretching tools had my non art specific tools in it as well)

But all the Boxes in our house have been gone thru and there are no signs of these Items here... they may still be at [ profile] supersniffles's house as she is being pink and beautiful enough to store some things till there's room here (which, thank god, should be next weekend)

Here's the question tho....

If these things, when all is sorted and done, prove to actually be missing, should I pursue cheezboy and make him find or replace them?

Reasons to pursue this with cheezboy
1) It's my stuff, and he signed a legal document (the property settlement) agreeing that they were my things
2) The toolbox is of some sentimental value as it's one of the few things my dad gave me that he went and picked out and bought (He loves me, but HATES shopping, so mom usually does the gift buying in our family) for me in my life.
3) I don't have enough money to replace this stuff and it really should not fall to [ profile] ozzwepay to help with this as I already OWN these things, I would hate for him to offer or have to ask him.
4) Because of the Internets and wishlists at Dick Blick and target, it can be made easy for him to get replacement things that I pick out with very little effort, and he never needs to know my address.
5) I will admit to a little pettiness here and wanting to make him make it right, would, in fact, give me some satisfaction

Reasons Not to pursue it
1) This combines many subjects that we used to fight about, money, his inability to do anything himself, and his "Misplacing" of important things
2) I reallly don't ever want to have to speak to or deal with him again
3) If I had the money I wouldn't...I'd just write it off to an expensive life lessson and move on.
4) It's entirely possible (and there's track record to prove it) that he threw them out once he realized he had them cause he was too lazy to arrange to get them to me, OR that he defaulted on his storage locker and they were auctioned off, so any sentimental value would be gone due to the need for brand new replacements.

I need advice here... I am really not sure what to do...

Please respond, and tell me what YOU would do AND what you think I would do...(Imagine I am telling you this story in the past tense...what strikes you as the Amy thing to do?)

So today

Feb. 25th, 2008 12:24 am
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I went to Stitches with [ profile] supersniffles and we walked around about a mile and a half. We again found that no one had any good Lace making stuff for me :('s very sad. We did however find a thing of pretty yarn to become the shawl I want. Then we went to have some feeesh at the sushi Boat and were bitterly (at least I was) disappointed in the apparent on going decline in quality at our former favorite sushi place... for the second time in a row the miso was weak and gross and the Hamachi was inedible. and the Kani tasted like it had been soaked in salt... which is not really a problem for [ profile] supersniffles but I find quite nasty.

Plus they jacked up the prices AGAIN so now it is no longer good sushi for a fair price but crappy sushi for too much money.

anyway then we went to fry's and got some things for the button's computer, and then we came home.

I am sooooo tired right now.

Note to Button *No news on that thing yet...go to bed and call me when you wake up *


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