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I have entered two paintings in two separate challenges on redbubble, the winner of each challenge gets a 75$ gift certificate for art supplies.

Voting is free, although you do have to register for the site, (they are not particularly spammy, they do send out a "your recent activity feed" e-mail every few days, IF you have recently done something on their site, but you can opt out of that, but even as a seller that's the most I hear from them unless I make a sale or get a private message from someone on the site.)

If you already purchased something or voted for me in a previous challenge you already registered and can skip step one below.

so to help me out, here's what you need to do.

1) Go to Redbubble and register for an ID
2) click here to vote for Driving Wisconsin
which looks like this

3) Click here to vote for Unpacking
which looks like this

You can only vote once for each work, but please vote for both of them. You would be helping me to get a feature on the site, as well as make some sales possibly and to win 75$ worth of desperately needed supplies and all it takes from you is 5 minutes of your time.

Thank you for helping!

I wish

Feb. 17th, 2010 11:10 pm
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That it did not crank me up to paint late at night... I really wanna start on the new canvas... the Idea has been burrowing around my brain for a month and a half now, and I finished the second of the two paintings I had to finish first this morning. That one is now on the Drying easel, and the previous is almost ready for a coat of retouch varnish.

and my brain is wanting to get started on the new one. I've got the palette clean and ready, btw I love my palette keeper and pad of palette paper. The giant canvas is on the easel, begging for paint.

But I am bone tired, and I know that if I start painting now I will be up all night. And I am bone tired because I haven't gotten much in the way of sleep for the last two nights.

So to bed I go, the sooner I go to the sleep the sooner it will be christmas morning.
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On the subject of watercolors art babble ahead )

anyway that's it for the art babble.
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I need to finish the studio. yes I managed to carve out enough room to set up one of the easels, and the wooden tray table for the palettes and a clear off the drafting table for a little extra work space.

BUT I really need my sewing machine, I really need the other easel set up and the second tray table and palette, as well as to figure out a finished canvas storage solution.

I had a great one before. (divorce annoyance ahead, you can skip if you want) )

so here's the things I need to do for the studio.

1) major goodwill /recycling/re-purposing pick over from friends
2) Box content consolidation, there's probably 12 boxes in there that can be consolidated into maybe 4 once the dross is removed and the stuff that can be put away is
3) some sort of ingenious and magically inexpensive canvas storage system that will miraculously drop out of the sky and land safely and ready to use.
4) a couple of people with non bad backs to help me lift things
5) a box of garbage bags (GIANT GIANT garbage bags)
6) someone with a car for hauling things off to goodwill etc.
7) ???
8) people who are available to help with this on weekdays early -ish in the afternoon (like between 12-5pm) because I know for a fact that no matter how much tony and I love each other it will never get done if I wait for him to help me. Mainly because we are awake and have energy to do stuff like this at opposite ends of the day.

also there may be stealing of certain furniture pieces from the living room ( I see you, bookcase, that I might be able to jury rig a canvas storage out of!) and moving and cleaning of desk from the patio to the studio (its what the sewing machine sits on)

The cats would be sequestered in the bedroom so if cats freak you out, or you are afraid of Zelda (which is probably a healthy attitude to have, because, after all, he is insane) and I would most likely make you some sort of meal, probably pancakes (of which I make the best in existence, just ask cindi)

So If you think you can help with any of this or like pancakes and can be suckered into doing things in exchange for them... leave me a comment and let me know what days during the week are good for you so I can pick a day for optimum bodies. also if you can't help with any of the actual at my house stuff but have an ingenious and magically inexpensive canvas storage system Idea let me know.

(on the actual day or the following day I will probably Fb post some orphaned items that are suitable for use by others that I will offer up for thems what cares to come and get them. those items will have a deadline for pick up tho and after that passes they go to wherever I am donating stuff... the goal is to get them OUT OF HERE)
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Okay so I spent today making some things in Photoshop, specifically for linking to people who want samples. The problem with most of the stuff I do for people in Ps is I sold it to them, with the rights, and while I feel I have made my use of it in my portfolio known with the caveat "you are buying the rights...BUT I reserve the right to use it in my portfolio..." Kind of falls apart when people and places want you to link to an on line portfolio, Mainly because I can't really control who copies it and preserve the clients rights to the work.

So I have a project going to make a good sampling of various techniques that I like, and some I don't like but can do with the fancy computin' machine. to put up an on line Portfolio of graphics, of stuff that doesn't belong to anyone but me and is also, stuff I don't care if people steal. Some of the stuff I made today and I will probably bang away at it again tomorrow and then Wednesday make the actual page on the website. AND I used some of it to spruce up the old Lj and shrunk some of it into icon size.

I will post a link to the page when its done, I would appreciate comments on the page layout, ease of navigation, viewing comfort, etc. Leave off any critique of the art itself unless you feel something I put up is inappropriate or offensive to prospective gig-meisters.

today was all Ps, tomorrow I am gonna do some manipulated sketches, and possibly see if my copy of illustrator will work on vistas, Then get started Building the page.
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I have some form of Synesthesia...
so ask you,

Is this(image under cut) ) Necessary?

can you not look at a color and tell quite clearly what colors you would have to blend to get it? I mean one of my favorite things to do when I am looking at anything is pick apart the color. I can look at anything and my brain instantly breaks down what and how much of each exact shade of what would need to be mixed to make that color...its not even a conscious thing really...I don't try to do it so much as I just automatically do it.

I never need to bring samples with me to the fabric store, and my entire life I have been supremely confused by the need for a mnemonic for rainbow order...Roy G Biv? really? you can't just look and say "Oh clearly that's how they go, green is clearly made from blue and yellow, purple is obviously blue and red, and can you not see that orange is yellow and red" and you can't remember the order they go in? really? you need help?

The first time I heard that from someone they looked at me like I was stupid cause I didn't know the Mnemonic, and I looked at them like they were stupid for needing one for something so obvious. That was the first time it occurred to me that other people might not see it as obvious. I had a hard time wrapping my head around that.

and also ...indigo? not really part of the deal

"All the Roy G. Biv mnemonics follow the tradition of including the colour indigo between blue and violet. Newton originally (1672) named only five primary colours: red, yellow, green, blue and violet. Only later did he introduce orange and indigo, giving seven colours by analogy to the number of notes in a musical scale.[30] Some sources now omit indigo, because it is a tertiary colour and partly due to the poor ability of humans to distinguish colours in the blue portion of the visual spectrum.[31]" - wikipedia entry

I am obsessed with things being in rainbow order, I call it colorbatizing and I have been known to buy things just because they were packaged incorrectly and need colorbatizing, and [ profile] supersniffles has shown great and everlasting best friend style patience with me when we are shopping and I stop and colorbatize a display that needs it.

My paints are all colorbatized, my crayons, pens, pencils, pastels as well. It's not quite an OCD , I don't HAVE to stop and rearrange everything, but its very satisfying when I see it all in the right order.

so I am curious... do you see the colors that make up the colors? do you use the mnemonic?
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Okay so I finished "Pink Pop" the painting of [ profile] supersniffles (you can see it here) Yesterday morning. Again I thought there was gonna be another day or two of work on it, and was surprised to find it was finished after yesterday's session.

Wondering what I should do with it. It turned out really good, good enough to enter a show with, but it needs to be in an actual brick and mortar show or competition, or you lose the effect of the Gold Leaf Ground.

I've started on the next one off the "Unfinished because of the divorce" pile, which was going to be a figure/portrait of cheezboy, have decided to replace his figure with a collage of tv test patterns.

Did piecework for [ profile] karlito1984, he thinks I am spooky now. YAY. anyway was able to replace the giant disposable palette pad that cheezboy either forgot to pack or threw out despite the fact it was brand new in the wrapper still, thanks to that. As well as got some more canvases. (there's not enough room for stretching in the studio yet, so I had to buy some pre-stretched) Also I will be able to get a few other missing odds and sods with that money. So thanks for the order [ profile] karlito1984. I <3 people who support their local artists.

My Etsy shop has got a lot of views but no sales yet. considering adding more stuff even tho I said I wasn't gonna till something sold.

I had reserved a spot in the Main showcase for tomorrow so I think I am gonna put a few more things up today. Gotta go thru the studio and find stuff I can part with. Pretty much anything older than 2 years I can safely sell the original of. so it's time to be brutal. I need the space.

"One art Please!" -Dr. Zoidberg


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