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Mar. 12th, 2010 05:55 pm
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glossary of terms, courtesy of craig's list

"We are on a tight budget" - Guess how much we are willing to pay... go on, guess! It'll be fun and add about four extra e-mail exchanges between us to the process.

"I just wanted something someone could whip out for fun"-like; a website, 16 illustrations, four bridesmaids gowns, ten portraits of my cat, 10 matched orchids in crystal vases for centerpieces, a papiermaché castle shaped playhouse, you know the sort of things you can do in an hour and feel wonderful giving to a stranger for 20$ total, using your own materials.

"Using your own materials" -I am not going to pay you for materials

"I want to model for a female artist, I'll pay you!" -My post looking for a whore in the personals section didn't pan out (note this was an actual listing, and one that I did respond to with "Do you mind if my giant scary boyfriend and his gun "Lucille" are in the studio with us?" I never heard back....)*

"great opportunity! email me for details!" -I need to unload a ton of amway and fast!

"desperately seeking artist for quick turnaround project!" -I don't know how to use the creative services offered section, also I will not respond to any inquiries to this ad no matter how promptly you contact me.

"Using the attached image..." -I don't know how to work the fancy computing machine, so I'll just say the image is attached and not actually attach it, or respond to you when you ask for the image.

"Camera ready needed for decision on whether or not I pay you" -I plan on stealing as much artwork as suckers are willing to send me.

*Tony's gun does not actually have a name...he's not that weird.
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I was looking for some things for visual impairment

( the curiosity of whether or not certain gadgets existed, specifically for this instance a pair of 3d glasses that would work for me in the 3d movie theatre better than the skull slicers I have to wear with my contacts in and the MASSIVE over the glasses pair that block my peripheral vision and don't really work over my glasses at all... sidenote: I am very squinky about having my peripheral vision blocked by the frames on glasses I prefer wire frames for this reason and can't wear sunglasses (when I have my contacts in) that block my side view no matter how cute they are)

And I came across an ad for a site called gifts something or other that promised to find me low prices on "visually impaired adults"

which I am blaming on poor fuzzy logic and not some nefarious sex slavery scheme involving the barter of visually impaired humans.

So my brain once again was turned to the area of advertising fail.

luckily right then, there was one of MANY racist McDonald's ads on TV, followed by eric clapton trying to sell me a cell phone, followed by an ad for a Grey Hair covering for men, which made clear use of the "Hippies fear aging" mantra. so this got me thinking about one thing I dislike bitterly,

I dislike being advertised at. I don't like it when we visit my parents and the weekday casino music is all clearly for the retirees that live in the area and go to the casinos during the week and then it turns into the best of the 80-90's MTV mix on the weekends.

I don't like it when songs I felt a deep emotional teenage angst (in as much as I ever had teen angst) connection to, whilst talking about the wrongs and the rights of everything, back when we knew it all and were 18, late at night searching for those golden moments with our best friends,

and now that song would like me to buy a new car.

or a hershey bar.

the other aspect of this (which harkens back to rants of yore dealing with the "fear" in advertising) is the start of the new year favorite "advertising at"'s of new year's resolutions and Valentine's day LOSE WEIGHT and FIND FUCKBUDDY. You have apparently somehow failed at life if you don't lose 120 pounds in three weeks with nutri-jenny-watchers or harden your core with 24 hour-flex-gold's or found your perfect, scientifically proven, mate for life with by valentines day.

also if you haven't bought your skinny, hardened core, loved one the perfect gift comprised of expensive jewelry, a gross of roses, and mail order pajamas* you have failed and must now go live in a cave and try again next year.

The thing is at some point you are trying too hard. Now, I know if I go to that website, they aren't actually gonna try to sell me a visually impaired person, at least, I hope not, and I refuse to look. But the fact that they let the throttle go so wide on their fuzzy logic for the search that it would offer me this service/product worries me greatly.

Plus, where's the truth in advertising laws...what if I want to buy a visually impaired person? I see that link and think

"Oh cool...finally the perfect thing for christmas!" and follow that link only to find they do not, in fact, sell what they were advertising.

Earlier the same business also told me they had "swing arm lamp clamp replacements" and I doubted that as well, but there's an instance of something that is a legally purchasable product, which I am sure they do not sell. So there's false advertising.

um... anyway... that sort of endeth the rant. we now return you to your regularly scheduled ads.

Oh wait one more thing... I do not need to see ED product ads starring people who are old enough to be my parents. Thanks.

Unsettling thought View at your own risk )

*( hint for the guys; no girl wants you to get her mail order pajamas... it implies you are dealing with a bulk order situation. and bonus tip... Russell Stover chocolates suck, stop buying them for us. they contain no actual chocolate)
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A few years ago , tony and myself were driving on El Camino, we were listening to the Giants game, and a company for a locally famous jewelery store came on during a break.

It was close to mothers day, and the commercial seemed to follow a theme of "Horrible things will happen to you unless you give the mother of your children a Gi-normous Rock for Mothers' Day"

In my brain this clicked something and I said..."O good lord... 'Be afraid...Give us Money'"

This revelation of thinking, and realizing that modern advertising has come to rely on a model of not,

"Our product is good and reliable so if you need one, you should try ours"

but of

"If you don't buy this bad things will happen to you, your loved ones, and all those around you"

Since then I have seen many ads through this new brain filter and noticed they tend to fall into categories, I no longer see them as ads, but parse them for what nerve they are trying to hit.

So far tony and I have identified many types of ads

"Be afraid, give us money" is used for insurance, gift purchases (gets really bad around christmas time), car dealerships, diet plans, otc medicines, prescription drug plans, pretty much anything aimed at the old and infirm, and, oddly enough, Ad council public service ads and charities ("the give us money or we let the heathens starve" christian charities are really bad with this)

"Old People Suck" Ads. Cover your gray, get hair plugs, wrinkles are bad here's some goo, your computer/identity is at risk from billions of thieves, here's a phone with giant buttons and no contract, These are ads designed to make you fear a specific thing... not just the general consume or die panic button fear. These are ads where Aging is a thing to be avoided at all cost and you must fight the cosmetic signs of it even if you go bankrupt doing it.

"Men are Stupid" Ads that rely on a presumed feminine camaraderie, that "Psst... men are dumb but fun to fuck" type of theme, oddly enough this one is used to advertise a lot of men-centric products...hardware stores and beer, tool sets, car parts, sporting events... as well as things aimed at the household or couple in charge of a household. Not to mention the late night ads where boobs sell theoretical companionship to lonely insomniacs.

"Bad Parent Guilt" these are ads for children's products that cover things you could do your self, and for the most part, probably do... but they want you to feel like you are failing and use their product to make yourself feel better. Children's vitamins and dietary supplements are mostly the culprits here. "I can't be bothered to teach my child good eating I will give them a can of soyentshake and that will make me a good parent."

and the chef boyardee ads, while funny, I'll admit, are just as bad, because they are advocating "sneaking" vegetables (by which they mean a serving of tomatoes and about three cups of sugar) into your child's food instead of using there appreciation of the tomato sauce to introduce them to foods with more tomatoes and less sugar, using it as a gateway vegetable. "If you liked that, you should try this...."

"Women having sex with food" This category does not include the PeTA ad that literally follows the plot of women having intimate vegetable moments, that ad falls under fear ads. I'm talking here about ads where women, bereft of companionship are REALLY excited about a small plastic cup of chocolate flavored goo, or bottles of ranch dressing, or drink mix powder. The insinuation're alone you will always be alone, you may as well start working on that crazy cat lady figure because no man will have you, and food is your only comfort and sole joy in life and the closest you will get to an orgasm. (I'd like to point out that there are many fine establishments to purchase dyi orgasm equipment, where the only man you will have to deal with is working the cash register, if that truly is what you want.)

these don't cover every ad, I am not sure if the weird drug commercials fall in the "Old People Suck" category or the "Fear" category... you know the ones where they have a half an hour of disclaimers... and at the end of the ad you are unsure if it was an ad for or a warning against the medication.

Then there are the useless ads... Like an ad for Ice Cream, geared for children...

hey... You know how you sell Ice Cream to children? you turn to a child and say

"Would you like some Ice Cream?"

it works every time.
(this approach even works on most adults, and it works especially well on Tony)

There's also the backfire ads... Nothing makes me want to fire up a smoke so bad as anti smoking ads.

...and... rant over for now.
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Cindi and me went to the San Francisco Zoo. It was a lot of fun, and a LOT of walking, but we did really good. we got to see the baby gorilla and two baby giraffes.

....and then....

so we are driving home, we get off the freeway and call tony to see if he wants to meet us for dinner, he says yah, we pick a place and start heading over there.

Now we got off the freeway at 280/Lawrence/steven's creek exit. And tony is wanting Carl's Jr. so we are going to the carl's on saratoga and payne, so we start working our way over there.

when we are stopped on Saratoga, at the light at Kiely, Cindi realizes we need to be one lane over because in about a block and a half she will get forced back onto the freeway from this lane.

Now We ARE STOPPED (as in the light is red and no one is moving) when she realized this and put on her turn signal and starts checking to the right side of us to move over.

We are also about 4 or 5 cars back from the intersection, The Light turns green, the cars in front of us move, and cindi is hanging back waiting for the cars to the right of us to move so she can safely get over.

We are still stopped... as in we haven't gone forward, the brake lights are on, and the right hand turn signal is going

(I know she was signaling because I had been teasing her about a left turn signal not turning off earlier because she couldn't hear the clicks and Was about to say "You really can't hear that?" when we got hit.)

She sees that the last of the cars to right is coming up... so she is paying attention, (As she should have been) to getting over without annoying/hitting anyone. If you have ever driven with cindi you know she is a very cautious and almost annoyingly considerate driver... she truly believes everyone else is an idiot and the safest thing to do is just stay away from them all. She is the Poster child for defensive driving.

So we are more or less about to change lanes when clear, It's been maybe 10 seconds since the light has turned green and the cars in front of us went, when SMASH... and SUV slams into us. (I had been resting my arm on the window, and the pop up door latch (which sits a proud of the door when locked) slammed into my elbow, which hurt like a mo fo last night but feels only a little sore now, funny bone indeed.)

cindi and the driver agree where to pull over. and we do so... I send a text to tony telling him we've been hit, he calls finds out where we are and rushes over.

So they exchange information, and of course moron murano driver doesn't want us to call the cops, and the insurance company does. and when I've taken pictures of all the damage including the front and back plates of the whore's car,

She then asks cindi , why cindi "suddenly slammed on her brakes when there was plenty of room in front of her"

so already the idiot has soothed her conscience by making up a lie so she isn't to blame.

To which we say "We hadn't moved.. there was no slamming of brakes on our end, that squealing tire sound you heard was your car. You rear ended us, therefore you are at fault."

she says "My boyfriend is a cop (she may have said husband I believe she referred to him as both, either that or her Husband has a different job than her boyfriend) and I know that's not true."

So I said "You want us to call the cops? I'll call them right now. I can tell you have already edited the incident in your mind so you can pretend you aren't at fault, so we are now done talking to you, have fun driving after your insurance company drops you." so she hightails it back to her car. and she sits there for like ten minutes.

so I see tony at the intersection, and wave to him, there's also a cop car that has gone thru the intersection like twice, so whore thinks (I think) that I am flagging down the cops and she leaves.

So cindi is on the phone to the insurance company, tony calls the cops, and they say there's not sending out a car, cause the other driver left, exchanged info, and we have the license number so if we need a report for the insurance we'll have to come to the substation and file a report.

The insurance company (Cindi's) is triple A so I know from experience that they are gonna take good care of it for her. The whore's insurance is an infamous "Last chance for bad drivers cheap filing" company, you know one of those ones that will insure any one for a low down payment and exorbitant monthly fees, so I am guessing this is not the whores' first at fault incident. But Luckily AAA is really good at dealing with bad driver's insurance companies.

During the whores little editing session she mentioned she saw the green light and us not going (She said "You had plenty of room and the light was green" so it sounded like she hit us on purpose almost, for not going fast enough to suit her.) She also didn't seem to realize that there are physics involved in a crash and the damage to Cindi's car clearly shows that we hadn't slammed on anything, and that she'd plowed into us while we were already stopped, and that she was going a fair clip when she did (Meaning she'd had plenty of time to stop, and simply hadn't)

and before you get on me for calling her a whore, she was wearing cut off to her snatch shorts, had fake boobs, fake teeth, a stripper name and couldn't remember if she was married or not and wouldn't wait for the cops to get there, and high tailed it out of the lot when she thought they were coming. Whore.

Plus she made cindi cry, and I don't put up with that... ever! Cindi should always be pink and happy and I will punch anyone who upsets her in the nose!

and the horrible thing is, is cindi was so upset I think the whole zoo trip was retroactively ruined for her. and the zoo should always be happy for cindi!

So the car will be fixed (they will probably have to replace the bumper and possibly the trunk). hopefully the whore will lose her ability to get insurance, which won't necessarily stop her from driving, but at least the next time she plows into someone she'll get arrested, and we are both more or less unharmed.
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"In the U.S., the keeping of vital statistics is a state function, because it is not a power assigned by the Constitution to the federal government (under the Tenth Amendment, all powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people), and yet the federal government is extremely dependent upon this state function it lacks direct jurisdiction over, because the Fourteenth Amendment expressly grounds American citizenship upon birth in the United States (a jus soli system of citizenship).

Therefore, the federal and state governments have traditionally cooperated, to some extent, to improve vital statistics. From 1900 to 1946 the U.S. Census Bureau designed standard birth certificates, collected vital statistics on a national basis, and generally sought to improve the accuracy of vital statistics. In 1946 that responsibility was passed to the U.S. Public Health Service. Unlike the British system of recording all births in "registers", the states file an individual document for each and every birth. In most states, this document was, and still is, entitled a "Certificate of Live Birth"."


Get over it and get back to work.... if these republicans worked for me, I'd have fired all of them for wasting the company's time. Oh ...wait...that's what the voters (your employers) did.

Hello, there is a ton of stuff you all need to be working on to make America better, you lost the election for a reason... maybe doing the work you were HIRED by the public to do will help you get over it.

Obama's birth certificate says the same thing most of yours do "certificate of live birth".

He is not a game of minesweeper ... stop tweeting and get back to work fools!
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This happens every day. To Women who are married to Bankers, Politicians, Gas Station Attendants, Preachers, Pornographers, Soldiers, Coders, Public Servants, Mailmen, Ice cream scoopers, Movie Theater managers and fast food workers.

That he was the offspring of the murderous Mitchell Brother, should not be the important part of this story, but a footnote only.

Everyday, domestic violence is going on, in domestic situations from all walks of life. Yes, in his childhood he probably did not get the best lessons in how to hold his temper or solve conflict without violence (his dad did fight often with his uncle, prior to killing him)

But I think you are missing the point. the Industry they worked in could have been banking instead of porn and they still would have set a bad example in conflict resolution to their children. The tendency towards domestic violence is not related to your career, its related to how you were taught to deal with conflict.

a bootlegger's progeny can become a celebrated president, but if JFK were famous for bashing Jackie O's head in, everyone would have said "He came from trash bootleggers"

Focus instead on the fact that this tragedy is occurring constantly to people everywhere, and how you can raise your kids to not think with their fists. He learned by example that his rage and violence were the answer.

If porn actually affected his upbringing, (especially the tame by today's standard Mitchell Bros. offerings of the time) he'd think sex was the answer and he'd have more kids and a very happy and alive wife.
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I just want to buy one fucking song.

see, I used to use Limewire, then all hell broke loose and you had to pay to use limewire unless you wanted every search to return viruses and ads for porn, okay well 12 bucks for the pro version which include one free upgrade and unlimited access... sounds like a good deal to me... no, all hell broke loose again and now pro is 35 bux and the free version comes pre-installed with viruses and porn ads (or so it seems)

so fuck 35 bux to get a song every once in a while, so the search began for someplace to occasionally buy a song.

I don't need 50 downloads a month, or even 10 downloads for 5 dollars. (mainly because for the most part I still buy Cd's and I have plenty of the music I love already, its just occasionally I want a specific song or can't find a disc I may have loaned out and need a download source for it. Most of the music I downloaded in the last four years are things I bought and cheezboy stole)

So I started the search, every single one of these download with rights free and clear websites sucks ass. They all either want you to download their player, pay them a subscription fee (Columbia house style anyone? all the reviews on cnet have at least 1/4 of the people reviewing them complaining about how impossible it is to get them to stop charging your card), or want you to pay for the song but make it so you can't actually listen to the song on anything but their compatible player. (I have a tinkerbell MP3 Player and if I go to the website that's "compatible" with my player...well lets just say I don't care for hannah montana or the jonas brothers that much (in that, if I had to listen to them ever, I would probably kill the next four or five people I saw)...I just like having a tinkerbell graphic on my mp3 player and it fits nicely in my tiny sweat pant pocket when I am walking)

Normally what I would do is keep a running list of songs I wanted and once every couple of months when I was out of things to do, I would whip out limewire and go thru the list, if I found that there was an album that existed with more than say four or five of the songs on it, I would go buy the CD, but if not I'd just download it. but now there are so many strings attached to buying music...

Lets say that the album has 10 songs and costs 12 bux that's 1.20 per song, cool, I will give you a 1.20 you give me that song. awesome. now I can play that song anywhere as if I'd bought he whole album without having to pay for 9 songs I didn't want.

Because guess what? if you own the album then you can play that song anywhere you want. You can't charge people money for it or make money off it because you don't own the rights to do that. and I understand and support that full on. (the other reason I stopped with the limewire is it was brought to my attention that the money they were charging was not in fact going to aascap fees and therefore the artists were getting screwed.) But you are totally free and clear to rip and burn and make weepy mixed tape Cd's and move it to your player for personal use.

So why is there no service where you can buy one song?

Years and years ago at tower records they had this thing where you could go in and make a custom album, fill the playlist with the tracks you wanted from fairly decent selection of music and they would make you a tape or burn you a CD with JUST the music you wanted. Everyone got paid, and you had just the songs you wanted. (I think not discontinuing this service may have saved tower records BTW)

I am all for the artist getting paid, I am not out to rip anyone off. I like music and I like musicians... but honestly, I am poor, and I just want this one song. I will pay for it, but I want to be able to put it on my MP3 player so I can listen to it while I am taking my walk or painting. I don't want to sample it for club music, sell it to my friends or use it to background a youtube video... I just want to buy and listen to it (and possibly sing along)

Why is this so hard?
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First off, Who didn't see this coming?

Second... Let's take a few minutes to think like a newspaper! It'll be fun!

Let's see, we have this product that we historically charge the consumer very little for, preferring to make our revenue from ads. I know let's put it on the internet for free to the consumer, and still try and make money off ads.

The only difference is People will have to click on the ads for us to make money.

Only looking at these ads won't result in anything positive for the consumer, Like coupons or anything.

And also people don't normally like to navigate away from their chosen page to look at ads,

and some of our older consumers are afraid to click on the ads in case they get a virus or their Identity stolen (a story about Identity theft through computer ads is on the first page of the tech section btw.)

But eventually, everyone will get their news online because they won't have to deal with our annoying subscription people, the delivery people, or the recycling of the paper. we cannot fail to make money off this from advertisers!

Okay well... sure the classifieds aren't going so well... there's a lot of sites out there that do it better, and the one that does it best, does it for free, so we are gonna lose that revenue too I guess.

And the Bridal Announcements... well people are just starting to assume that part of the cost of the wedding is hosting and domain registration for a personal page announcing their upcoming nuptials...and websites that offer bridal page services are getting revenue from click through ads and fees to the couple...

Well we'll have to cut some corners... I know... we'll just reprint stories from the wire services... no one will notice that it's the same as everyone else's story on this, or that you can skip the middleman and get it from the same wire service we got it from. Sure we will miss a lot of detail a story that was thoroughly investigated would have, and pretty much there's no follow thru on what happened next to any of these stories, so if people come back hoping for more detail the next day they'll be S.O.L.

That'll keep them coming back!


Not even gonna go into the fact that when they do re-write (regurgitate) the wire stories they are often un-edited for content and typos, "The 12 inch waves of the typhoon"..." the Masseuse who raped a woman", "The need to "Attrack" buyers", all my favorite recent errors.

also the cries of "Hey people don't read anymore that's why we are losing money!"

Really?... Last time I checked the forums on your website were busy... people are reading the news on your site, and commenting on it...for free.

"Well Magazines aren't going under!"

Magazines are a monthly purchase and their websites have very little free content past a preview of the next issue. If you want more content most magazines require you subscribe to the print edition for access to more on line content.
a business model your reporting skills are no longer up to "attracking" the consumers for.

I feel bad that people are gonna be out of work from this... but really... you shot yourselves in the foot.
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not super impressed with it thus far.
I like my custom LJ stuff... the mood theme alone was a labour of love

anyway... at least it's all set up now... whatever
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so did a facebook... I really hope LJ doesn't tank...

The amount that would piss me off is incredible


add me if you are on there... I haven't the energy to find everyone right now cause I am too sick.
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that as of 95% of precincts reported... More than half of the people of California have so much hate and fear in their hearts, It saddens me even more that it is apparently a hate for and fear of Loving Families.

I would really like it if one person who voted for discrimination and bigotry could explain to me, with out using "Talking Points" or demonstrably false "campaign ad" jargon, Would please tell me what exactly they specifically are afraid is going to happen if people who love each other are going to marry. How do you think this will affect you? Did it affect you negatively when your friends and family got married? Are you also not a fan of interracial marriages?

I am not trying to be snarky here... I really want to know what you specifically fear about this... not the party line, not the clearly crap reasons used to scare people in ads.

Tell what it is in your deep down secret heart of hearts you fear about people who love each other marrying?
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So me and [ profile] ozzwepay were disappointed to find that again, we have drawn the stupid televangelist church lobby at the Bethel Palace of Pay to Pray on winchester as our polling place.

They only seem to volunteer their lobby for Presidential Elections... smaller things do not concern them apparently, or at least not enough to donate space.

I am distrustful of them as a polling place and feel that it blurs a line between separation of church and state and I am uncomfortable with it, and frankly, fear for the safety of my ballot when left on church premises.

I know, for a fact and from my experience of worker as a election official that the people working the polling place are not, as a rule, employed by live in or members of the organization that is donating the space, but those employees/ residents/ members are not barred from being in the building at the time of the elections, so my concern lies there.

So we came up with a few things we could do about it.

My first thought was to get T-Shirts that say "Jesus can Bite Me." I would love to do that and sue them if they so much as peep at me, cause the only things that aren;t allowed in a polling place are political ephemera that favors a candidate or party (for intance wearing a button that says "We are the Most Powerful Planet on earth '- Dan Quayle" Denigrates the republican party and is not allowed, however a button that says "If god had wanted us to vote he would have given us candidates" is Okay because it does not favor a political party or set of political views over implies the entire proccess sucks, (although I suppose an argument could be made that it pushes the view of the"throw your vote away" parties... but that is another discussion))

If they tried to stop us from voting because of the shirts we would have a nice juicy lawsuit on our hands, and if they claim that "Jesus can Bite Me." is a political statement then it is a good launching point to open a dialogue on why we should not be voting in a church lobby.

The other Option, of course, Is to do the early voting, which mean driving down to the registrar's office Before 3 pm one Mondays-Saturdays up to the election and voting.

The other thought I had is this... Are we the only people who feel that a giant Televangelist Church Lobby is the exact wrong place to have a polling place....?

I know that for a lot of smaller communities, the local church is also the community center, as well as the social center for the town, and the use of it's basement or common room as a polling place is a long standing community tradition, and that doesn't send up the same alarm in my brain as the Lobby of a multi million dollar corporation built on the Pay-For-Pray principle masquerading as a place of spiritual enlightenment, that is filled with the exact sort of people I am voting to protect my country from, and who's congregation and their ilk , the bush wins (and all the problems he subsequently wrought on our nation) can solidly be laid at the feet of.

does this sound ooky to anyone else or am I being overly reactionary and paranoid?
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But you may remember that a few months ago I had a run in on my porch with a jackass who was trying to "trick" people into signing misleading petitions. (If you have had more coffee than me at this point and can remember where I put it, that would be appreciated info)

Well this morning I found this in the Mercury News

"Signature-gatherer arrested in voter fraud
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 10/19/2008 06:08:14 PM PDT

ONTARIO, Calif.—The owner of a signature-gathering firm has been arrested on suspicion of voter registration fraud, authorities said Sunday.
Mark Anthony Jacoby, who owns the firm Young Political Majors, is accused of registering himself to vote twice— in 2006 and in 2007— using the address of a childhood home in Los Angeles where he no longer lived.

The Secretary of State's Office said Jacoby used the address to meet a state requirement that signature-gatherers sign a declaration stating that they are either registered to vote in California or are eligible to do so.

State investigators and local police arrested Jacoby shortly before midnight Saturday near an Ontario hotel on a warrant issued by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office earlier this month.

Jacoby faces four felony charges: two counts of voter registration fraud and two counts of perjury. Voter registration fraud carries a penalty of up to three years in prison. Jacoby could not be reached for comment.

This is not the first time that Jacoby has been embroiled in voter controversy.

Earlier this year, dozens of voters accused YPM, which had been hired by the California Republican Party, of tricking them into registering as Republicans. The voters said they thought they were signing a petition calling for stiffer penalties for child molesters.

In 2005, Massachusetts voters made a similar complaint.

They said a signature-gathering firm that

Jacoby was working for as a subcontractor—Arno Political Consultants— duped them into signing an anti-gay marriage petition when they were told they were signing a ballot question about the sale of wine in grocery stores.
One signature-gatherer told a state hearing that Jacoby had personally trained her in the bait-and-switch tactic."

so there... I rest my earlier (if now missing) case
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We went to the circus...and sadly this is going to turn into a rant.

The fun part )
The Not So Fun Part )
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...on the mercury news website article forums are proof that anyone will argue about anything if given a scrim of anonymity and a keyboard.
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This website lets you look and see how much this money could have helped your community... the fraction of this cost that came from Bay Area taxes alone could have provided 9 MILLION people health care for one year...and yet they couldn't even spend a fraction of it to make sure walter reed was in an acceptable state to care for humans in need of health care because they are coming HOME from this war...have fun with it...try not to get too depressed!

click here to learn more

besspeacetime: (peacock) "Elimination of basic human rights" Less Pithy then calling spades spades, but you see my point...


Judge upholds ballot summary for gay-marriage measure
By Mike Swift
Mercury News
Article Launched: 08/08/2008 12:01:15 PM PDT

When the state's voters decide Proposition 8 this fall, it appears they will check "yes" or "no" next to a ballot title that reads: "Eliminates the Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry."
A Superior Court judge this morning rejected a suit filed by Prop. 8 proponents against the ballot title proposed by Attorney General Jerry Brown. Judge Timothy M. Frawley said Brown's language was neither false nor misleading, handing a victory to gay rights supporters who want a clear statement of what a constitutional ban would mean for gay couples who have married in California this year.

Prop. 8 proponents said they will file an appeal today, but time is short: The ballot title, summary and partisan ballot arguments filed by each side are due at the state printer at 5 p.m. Monday.

Prop. 8 proponents had argued that using the word "eliminates" in a ballot title and summary was argumentative, misleading and prejudicial, because it was a negative, active transitive word - grammar that had rarely, if ever, been used in a state ballot title. They preferred "Limit on Marriage," the title on petitions signed by voters that placed Prop. 8 on the November ballot.

Frawley disagreed with those arguments.

"There is nothing inherently argumentative or prejudicial about transitive verbs, and the Court is not willing to fashion a rule that would require the Attorney General to engage in useless nominalization," Frawley ruled in a decision released today.

While it wasthe Attorney General's office who argued the case in a hearing in Sacramento on Thursday and won the legal victory, same-sex marriage advocates were pleased.
"We believe the title and summary is very accurate," Geoff Kors, executive director of Equality California, said following the decision today. "There's no disputing what this measure does. First and foremost, what it does is eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California."

Prop. 8 supporters argued that Brown failed in his statutory duty to draft an impartial title and summary for the ballot.

"We believe the Attorney General has attempted to influence voters against this measure," said Andrew Pugno, the lawyer who argued the case for Prop. 8 supporters. "It is our goal to ensure that voters have a fair opportunity to decide this measure for themselves on Election Day."

From Brown's point of view, the question was about who is engaging in politics.

"This lawsuit was more about politics than the law," the Attorney General said in a statement. "The court properly dismissed it."

So, crazy right wing jackasses... nice try on the obfuscation...but when you want destroy the rights of a group of people, and hide it under political phrasing for the comfort of your audience you end up with phrases like this

"Internment camp"
"Concentration Camp"
"Work Camp"
"Rehabilitation Camp"
(why are they always camps? never a hear of a "Death Lodge")

or this little gem quoted from wikipedia

"In 1936, Himmler created the "Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion." Homosexuality was declared contrary to "wholesome popular sentiment," and gay men were regarded as "defilers of German blood." The Gestapo raided gay bars, tracked individuals using the address books of those they arrested, used the subscription lists of gay magazines to find others, and encouraged people to report suspected homosexual behavior and to scrutinize the behavior of their neighbours"

Sound like any crazy right wing movement you know of?

I'm pretty sure that the name "Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion" set much better with the populace at large than "Thugs who are going to find and cause the death of gay men and woman and any woman or doctors who have had or provided abortion services"

okay I'm done ranting now. (well...this time)
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So I am watching the Daily Show last night Click to watch )

And the thought occured to me... These people spend an unusually large amount of their time every day obsessing over Homosexuality. I mean like, they put A LOT of time and thought each day into the care and feeding of their homophobia. It's like it's an OCD for them.

You know how much time I spend obsessing over Homosexuality? None at all. I know some of my gay friends spend time obsessing over Other gay friends...and some who are obsessing over political issues dealing directly with homosexuality, but how much time do you spend every day obsessing over the homosexuality itself...I am guessing very little...

Let me clarify

every human thinks about sex a lot ...many times over the course of the day in fact. and they tend to think about sex they like, and occasionally sex they'd like to try, with their chosen partner/s. this is natural and healthy.

Very few well adjusted healthy adults spend a lot of time thinking about sex they do not like (serial killer results may differ on this one)

I'm as sure that my gay friends spend almost as much time thinking about hetero sex as I do thinking about gay sex (pehaps an occasional appreciation of a woman in a sexual way, or a fleeting thought about kissing a female friend, and once in a while tongue kissing [ profile] supersniffles hee hee (i'm looking at you Drunk [ profile] sylvan))

But these people who are in this clip, spend a serial killer amount of time obsessing over it... and to me that says psycologically repressed and extremely unhealthy self hating closet case.

Being in the closet because you lack a support system or understanding family and friends but being happy with who you are is one thing

Being so closeted that you hate yourself and others like you breeds bad bad mojo.

The Point I am trying to get to here, is maybe these people do not need a political milk crate... maybe they need therapy. I mean they seem to be worried that widespread acceptance of and rights for Homosexuals in this country will turn them gay... to them, I submit that, for them, that horse has already bolted, and they need therapy to accept themselves for who they are, not political action.

follow this logic

Step One "I cannot make it okay that I am gay in my mind and in my life"
Step Two "If it becomes "Okay" by society at large (none of these people seems to have noticed that it is "okay" already) Then I will have to become okay with it myself."
Step Three **random right wing AM radio static that I don't understand**
Step four "Therefore everyone should be miserable and ashamed of themselves just like me!"

So basically I guess I got the feeling that these people don't so much think gays in the military will turn them gay... as they do that gays in the military will turn them into well adjusted and fully functioning sexual adults... and they signed on for violence... not sex. and that's the American Way.

I wonder how many military homophobes have secret stashes of prison rape fantasy porn.

To Quote Kids in The Hall; Brain Candy
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Well first off the uncrappy. The new phone got here yesterday and so far it's doing much better. The LG Chocolate 8500 series seems like it's able to have everything on and still hold the charge. with the added plus that I can use my mp3 ringtones. it's about the same size as the moto but is a slide phone instead of a flip. the "navigation wheel" is basically just fancy trappings, but once I am used to it I am sure it'll be's not any easier or handier than clicking on the cardinal points of it to scroll it.

And now for the crappy


so that's the story of the crappy...pertinent link below...use it!

If you want to get Spybot S&D from the publisher website here's a link to the free DL


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