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"In the U.S., the keeping of vital statistics is a state function, because it is not a power assigned by the Constitution to the federal government (under the Tenth Amendment, all powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people), and yet the federal government is extremely dependent upon this state function it lacks direct jurisdiction over, because the Fourteenth Amendment expressly grounds American citizenship upon birth in the United States (a jus soli system of citizenship).

Therefore, the federal and state governments have traditionally cooperated, to some extent, to improve vital statistics. From 1900 to 1946 the U.S. Census Bureau designed standard birth certificates, collected vital statistics on a national basis, and generally sought to improve the accuracy of vital statistics. In 1946 that responsibility was passed to the U.S. Public Health Service. Unlike the British system of recording all births in "registers", the states file an individual document for each and every birth. In most states, this document was, and still is, entitled a "Certificate of Live Birth"."


Get over it and get back to work.... if these republicans worked for me, I'd have fired all of them for wasting the company's time. Oh ...wait...that's what the voters (your employers) did.

Hello, there is a ton of stuff you all need to be working on to make America better, you lost the election for a reason... maybe doing the work you were HIRED by the public to do will help you get over it.

Obama's birth certificate says the same thing most of yours do "certificate of live birth".

He is not a game of minesweeper ... stop tweeting and get back to work fools!
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My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 6.76, Libertarian: 4.16

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -6.5

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Culture War Stance
Score: -7.36

Political Spectrum Quiz
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....anyone else held their breath till he took the oath... worried that some deep southern nutjob would shoot him before he could take the oath?

... I wonder if Bush is watching the celebration and happy faces and feeling bad cause of his horrible second inauguration....(this isn't fair they threw crap at me!)

...Okay I love Michelle even more cause she said something cute that gave him a giggle fit before he took the oath.....

... is it racist that CNN is doing shots from community gatherings in predominately African American cities of all African American people watching and singling out African American people in the crowd...

...the farther into the speech he gets the more Bush should be feeling like crap... but you know he is really just thinking "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"....

"Nor does it entitle us to do as we please" DING DING DING DING we have a winner!

Hmmm.... kind of wish he'd said Atheists instead of "non-believers"....

too much god... but I always think that about these things

well that was the live LJ coverage of the Speech....

BTW how many showers does it take to wash GWB stank off yourself after you are forced to hug him in public
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that as of 95% of precincts reported... More than half of the people of California have so much hate and fear in their hearts, It saddens me even more that it is apparently a hate for and fear of Loving Families.

I would really like it if one person who voted for discrimination and bigotry could explain to me, with out using "Talking Points" or demonstrably false "campaign ad" jargon, Would please tell me what exactly they specifically are afraid is going to happen if people who love each other are going to marry. How do you think this will affect you? Did it affect you negatively when your friends and family got married? Are you also not a fan of interracial marriages?

I am not trying to be snarky here... I really want to know what you specifically fear about this... not the party line, not the clearly crap reasons used to scare people in ads.

Tell what it is in your deep down secret heart of hearts you fear about people who love each other marrying?

Go Vote!!!

Nov. 4th, 2008 08:08 am
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The Polls are Open ... If you can read this Either Post your I Voted-ness or get off you butt and go vote

Some things I like to remind you all of every election day

Results page at the Merc (as of posting it's still a placeholder page with links to election content, but it's the page they say on the main page will be the results eventually... if I find they lie I will update the post) **edit Verified as the correct link at 10:43 am pacific**

If you need to find your Polling place

Search for your County office of the registrar of Voter's... here a link to the one for Santa Clara County They should also have results later in the day... and theirs are usually the most straightforward... however because they are busy running an election they are not always first to web post results.

If you are having issues with candidate decisions You can go here and search voting records (how often did they vote... and did they vote on the issues the way you would have, and how many times have then gone against their stated beliefs in their stump speeches with their votes)

things to remember:

If you have not registered to vote you can still go and ask for a provisional ballot, using the link above (or your local registrar's) find your polling place, when you get there ask for a provisional ballot, fill out all the info and your votes and turn it in, if you are eligible to register your vote WILL be counted, and you will be registered for subsequent elections. If anyone denies you a provisional ballot or tries to stop you from voting when you are eligible in any way shape or form, contact the registrars office AND your Local Newspaper (not OR) The merc has a link to report voting irregularity and polling place violation... I am sure most major Newspapers will as well, but if you can't find one in your area use the Mercury one to at least get your story heard)

Th news media likes to use the phrase "If you do a provisional Ballot your vote might not be counted" to try and scare people into not using them. The facts are this... If you are eligible to vote, and use a Provisional Ballot your vote will be counted. If you are not, upon verification by the registrar's office, eligible to vote, then your vote will not.

It is not illegal to try to vote this way if you are unsure of your eligibility... and they do not report ANY information they receive to INS or Parole officers or FBI anything like that... THE ONLY thing they use the provisional ballot info for is for checking you eligibility to vote and registering you if eligible. That's it. If someone tells you different get their name, number, find out who's authority they are claiming to be under and report them to the Police AND registrar AND your Local newspaper... take pictures of them... tell them you know your rights and are reporting them for voter tampering and, then, warning your neighbors to do the same.

(seriously there have been several reports of people being told this stuff so far )

Campaigning is not allowed in or around the polling place...

the election officers are within the law if they bar you from voting for wearing any t-shirts stickers or buttons that espouse or can be construed as espousing any particular political belief SO DON'T GIVE THEM AN EXCUSE TO BAR YOU. If you are wearing something and get turned away... they cannot Prohibit you from returning without said Political statement attire and voting and if they try to convince you otherwise report it, once you are no longer seen to be campaigning inside the polling place you are allowed to proceed with your vote.

we voted early on Saturday morning at the registrar's office, when we were there there was easily 150 people waiting to vote. The turn out for that day was 1300 in that office alone. Go early the polls will be busy today, they are looking at record voter turn out.

and remember If you are in line when the polls close YOU WILL be allowed to vote. They can't turn you away unless you approach the end of the line after the official close of polls. If they try to tell you the polls are closed and everyone in line has to leave report them,

Also your Employer is REQUIRED to allow you to leave work to vote without recrimination. (they are however not required to pay you while you are voting so be prepared to punch If they try to stop you from voting report it!
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So me and [ profile] ozzwepay were disappointed to find that again, we have drawn the stupid televangelist church lobby at the Bethel Palace of Pay to Pray on winchester as our polling place.

They only seem to volunteer their lobby for Presidential Elections... smaller things do not concern them apparently, or at least not enough to donate space.

I am distrustful of them as a polling place and feel that it blurs a line between separation of church and state and I am uncomfortable with it, and frankly, fear for the safety of my ballot when left on church premises.

I know, for a fact and from my experience of worker as a election official that the people working the polling place are not, as a rule, employed by live in or members of the organization that is donating the space, but those employees/ residents/ members are not barred from being in the building at the time of the elections, so my concern lies there.

So we came up with a few things we could do about it.

My first thought was to get T-Shirts that say "Jesus can Bite Me." I would love to do that and sue them if they so much as peep at me, cause the only things that aren;t allowed in a polling place are political ephemera that favors a candidate or party (for intance wearing a button that says "We are the Most Powerful Planet on earth '- Dan Quayle" Denigrates the republican party and is not allowed, however a button that says "If god had wanted us to vote he would have given us candidates" is Okay because it does not favor a political party or set of political views over implies the entire proccess sucks, (although I suppose an argument could be made that it pushes the view of the"throw your vote away" parties... but that is another discussion))

If they tried to stop us from voting because of the shirts we would have a nice juicy lawsuit on our hands, and if they claim that "Jesus can Bite Me." is a political statement then it is a good launching point to open a dialogue on why we should not be voting in a church lobby.

The other Option, of course, Is to do the early voting, which mean driving down to the registrar's office Before 3 pm one Mondays-Saturdays up to the election and voting.

The other thought I had is this... Are we the only people who feel that a giant Televangelist Church Lobby is the exact wrong place to have a polling place....?

I know that for a lot of smaller communities, the local church is also the community center, as well as the social center for the town, and the use of it's basement or common room as a polling place is a long standing community tradition, and that doesn't send up the same alarm in my brain as the Lobby of a multi million dollar corporation built on the Pay-For-Pray principle masquerading as a place of spiritual enlightenment, that is filled with the exact sort of people I am voting to protect my country from, and who's congregation and their ilk , the bush wins (and all the problems he subsequently wrought on our nation) can solidly be laid at the feet of.

does this sound ooky to anyone else or am I being overly reactionary and paranoid?
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Futuristic fiction, there is always some dark cadre of evil geniuses pulling the strings that started out back in the "Age of Darkness" as a radical reform or protest group of only slightly evil geniuses and went thru the growing pains of becoming an organization and then a national affiliation, and finally being driven underground but the ignorant assholes in charge... only to emerge, decades or centuries later, as the secret rulers and invisible puppet masters orchestrating every move anyone in any sort of position of power ever makes?

It may be time to start that group.

Sign Up Below
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But you may remember that a few months ago I had a run in on my porch with a jackass who was trying to "trick" people into signing misleading petitions. (If you have had more coffee than me at this point and can remember where I put it, that would be appreciated info)

Well this morning I found this in the Mercury News

"Signature-gatherer arrested in voter fraud
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 10/19/2008 06:08:14 PM PDT

ONTARIO, Calif.—The owner of a signature-gathering firm has been arrested on suspicion of voter registration fraud, authorities said Sunday.
Mark Anthony Jacoby, who owns the firm Young Political Majors, is accused of registering himself to vote twice— in 2006 and in 2007— using the address of a childhood home in Los Angeles where he no longer lived.

The Secretary of State's Office said Jacoby used the address to meet a state requirement that signature-gatherers sign a declaration stating that they are either registered to vote in California or are eligible to do so.

State investigators and local police arrested Jacoby shortly before midnight Saturday near an Ontario hotel on a warrant issued by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office earlier this month.

Jacoby faces four felony charges: two counts of voter registration fraud and two counts of perjury. Voter registration fraud carries a penalty of up to three years in prison. Jacoby could not be reached for comment.

This is not the first time that Jacoby has been embroiled in voter controversy.

Earlier this year, dozens of voters accused YPM, which had been hired by the California Republican Party, of tricking them into registering as Republicans. The voters said they thought they were signing a petition calling for stiffer penalties for child molesters.

In 2005, Massachusetts voters made a similar complaint.

They said a signature-gathering firm that

Jacoby was working for as a subcontractor—Arno Political Consultants— duped them into signing an anti-gay marriage petition when they were told they were signing a ballot question about the sale of wine in grocery stores.
One signature-gatherer told a state hearing that Jacoby had personally trained her in the bait-and-switch tactic."

so there... I rest my earlier (if now missing) case

book meme

Oct. 1st, 2008 09:09 pm
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* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favourite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

I am doing page 57, because not even for a meme would I put the asked for sentence in my journal, and this really is the closest book to me right now as I am doing my pre-vote research.

"That's why Proposition 8 is wrong for California.
Regardless of how you feel about this issue, the freedom to marry is fundamental to our society, just like the freedoms of religion and speech."

From the California General Election Voter Information Guide
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This website lets you look and see how much this money could have helped your community... the fraction of this cost that came from Bay Area taxes alone could have provided 9 MILLION people health care for one year...and yet they couldn't even spend a fraction of it to make sure walter reed was in an acceptable state to care for humans in need of health care because they are coming HOME from this war...have fun with it...try not to get too depressed!

click here to learn more

besspeacetime: (peacock) "Elimination of basic human rights" Less Pithy then calling spades spades, but you see my point...


Judge upholds ballot summary for gay-marriage measure
By Mike Swift
Mercury News
Article Launched: 08/08/2008 12:01:15 PM PDT

When the state's voters decide Proposition 8 this fall, it appears they will check "yes" or "no" next to a ballot title that reads: "Eliminates the Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry."
A Superior Court judge this morning rejected a suit filed by Prop. 8 proponents against the ballot title proposed by Attorney General Jerry Brown. Judge Timothy M. Frawley said Brown's language was neither false nor misleading, handing a victory to gay rights supporters who want a clear statement of what a constitutional ban would mean for gay couples who have married in California this year.

Prop. 8 proponents said they will file an appeal today, but time is short: The ballot title, summary and partisan ballot arguments filed by each side are due at the state printer at 5 p.m. Monday.

Prop. 8 proponents had argued that using the word "eliminates" in a ballot title and summary was argumentative, misleading and prejudicial, because it was a negative, active transitive word - grammar that had rarely, if ever, been used in a state ballot title. They preferred "Limit on Marriage," the title on petitions signed by voters that placed Prop. 8 on the November ballot.

Frawley disagreed with those arguments.

"There is nothing inherently argumentative or prejudicial about transitive verbs, and the Court is not willing to fashion a rule that would require the Attorney General to engage in useless nominalization," Frawley ruled in a decision released today.

While it wasthe Attorney General's office who argued the case in a hearing in Sacramento on Thursday and won the legal victory, same-sex marriage advocates were pleased.
"We believe the title and summary is very accurate," Geoff Kors, executive director of Equality California, said following the decision today. "There's no disputing what this measure does. First and foremost, what it does is eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California."

Prop. 8 supporters argued that Brown failed in his statutory duty to draft an impartial title and summary for the ballot.

"We believe the Attorney General has attempted to influence voters against this measure," said Andrew Pugno, the lawyer who argued the case for Prop. 8 supporters. "It is our goal to ensure that voters have a fair opportunity to decide this measure for themselves on Election Day."

From Brown's point of view, the question was about who is engaging in politics.

"This lawsuit was more about politics than the law," the Attorney General said in a statement. "The court properly dismissed it."

So, crazy right wing jackasses... nice try on the obfuscation...but when you want destroy the rights of a group of people, and hide it under political phrasing for the comfort of your audience you end up with phrases like this

"Internment camp"
"Concentration Camp"
"Work Camp"
"Rehabilitation Camp"
(why are they always camps? never a hear of a "Death Lodge")

or this little gem quoted from wikipedia

"In 1936, Himmler created the "Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion." Homosexuality was declared contrary to "wholesome popular sentiment," and gay men were regarded as "defilers of German blood." The Gestapo raided gay bars, tracked individuals using the address books of those they arrested, used the subscription lists of gay magazines to find others, and encouraged people to report suspected homosexual behavior and to scrutinize the behavior of their neighbours"

Sound like any crazy right wing movement you know of?

I'm pretty sure that the name "Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion" set much better with the populace at large than "Thugs who are going to find and cause the death of gay men and woman and any woman or doctors who have had or provided abortion services"

okay I'm done ranting now. (well...this time)
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So I am watching the Daily Show last night Click to watch )

And the thought occured to me... These people spend an unusually large amount of their time every day obsessing over Homosexuality. I mean like, they put A LOT of time and thought each day into the care and feeding of their homophobia. It's like it's an OCD for them.

You know how much time I spend obsessing over Homosexuality? None at all. I know some of my gay friends spend time obsessing over Other gay friends...and some who are obsessing over political issues dealing directly with homosexuality, but how much time do you spend every day obsessing over the homosexuality itself...I am guessing very little...

Let me clarify

every human thinks about sex a lot ...many times over the course of the day in fact. and they tend to think about sex they like, and occasionally sex they'd like to try, with their chosen partner/s. this is natural and healthy.

Very few well adjusted healthy adults spend a lot of time thinking about sex they do not like (serial killer results may differ on this one)

I'm as sure that my gay friends spend almost as much time thinking about hetero sex as I do thinking about gay sex (pehaps an occasional appreciation of a woman in a sexual way, or a fleeting thought about kissing a female friend, and once in a while tongue kissing [ profile] supersniffles hee hee (i'm looking at you Drunk [ profile] sylvan))

But these people who are in this clip, spend a serial killer amount of time obsessing over it... and to me that says psycologically repressed and extremely unhealthy self hating closet case.

Being in the closet because you lack a support system or understanding family and friends but being happy with who you are is one thing

Being so closeted that you hate yourself and others like you breeds bad bad mojo.

The Point I am trying to get to here, is maybe these people do not need a political milk crate... maybe they need therapy. I mean they seem to be worried that widespread acceptance of and rights for Homosexuals in this country will turn them gay... to them, I submit that, for them, that horse has already bolted, and they need therapy to accept themselves for who they are, not political action.

follow this logic

Step One "I cannot make it okay that I am gay in my mind and in my life"
Step Two "If it becomes "Okay" by society at large (none of these people seems to have noticed that it is "okay" already) Then I will have to become okay with it myself."
Step Three **random right wing AM radio static that I don't understand**
Step four "Therefore everyone should be miserable and ashamed of themselves just like me!"

So basically I guess I got the feeling that these people don't so much think gays in the military will turn them gay... as they do that gays in the military will turn them into well adjusted and fully functioning sexual adults... and they signed on for violence... not sex. and that's the American Way.

I wonder how many military homophobes have secret stashes of prison rape fantasy porn.

To Quote Kids in The Hall; Brain Candy
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So as many of you know I worked in the travel industry for a while. and if it weren't for the fact that I decided to be a good little wifey and follow the jackass on his misguided search for a dream job I would still be in the industry. (By the time we got back to civilization the airlines had stopped paying commissions altogether and no one will hire agents now)

So I am watching the seemingly impending collapse of the airline industry with interest...

On with the long windedness )

uh... so there too :P

Website references for this rant
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Because this money couldn't have been better spent elsewhere? Like maybe on health care or education...

Here comes Big Brother )

I feel a poll coming on.....
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(also posted to the mercury on the comments for this article... )

I don't care or want to hear about the candidates religion, it's just not that important.

First off, Because we are such a theologically diverse country no one candidate will be able to please everyone if religious sect is used as a factor for elect-a-bility

Second, Because we live in a land where church and state are separate, and some people actually feel that your spiritual choices have to be what's right for you personally and have no place in government or being shoved down others' throats.

and third, I am more concerned with a candidate voting the way I would on issues I feel are important, and a Strong moral Value system is more important than claiming to be a member of this or that church. People who are the loudest about How Religious they are are usually trying to atone for or cover up some Horrifying lapse in Moral Judgment, Lying to a spouse, cheating on a spouse, murder, greed, lust, stealing... a lot of people who speak loudly about the ten commandments probably couldn't even tell you what they were. I want someone with a track record of doing good for his/her fellow beings, someone who makes sound and moral decisions, and someone who will serve their term in office without ever once bringing up their PRIVATE PERSONAL spiritual beliefs.

I don't know why this matters to so many people.... it really shouldn't.

So much hate speech coming from all sides... I really don't think there is a single religion that condones in tract, prayer, verse, chapter, or psalm hating your fellow man. And Judgment is supposedly reserved for deities alone.

As Jim Wallis said
"Religion has no monopoly on Morality"
"I care not what someone's Religion is, but what their moral compass is"

If you look at Barack's voting record and you don't agree with it, don't vote for him. (there are plenty of websites where you can investigate the candidates' recorded votes while in previously held offices). That is what you should be basing your vote on. Not Rhetoric, sound Bites, religion or friends and acquaintances or Movie stars.

We are Interviewing them for a job... look at their employment record, That, right there? That is what we are hiring them to do.

Not preach.

(on a side note and before you spam me with comments... I personally don't have any problems with lust, I have a problem with hypocrisy)
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Today's palette includes scorn and sarcasm and logic...enjoy.... )

Sent and sent!

Of course I am an Atheist, but I find pointing out hypocrisy to christian works better if you try to speak their language... Their Brains tend to "Switch off" when they realize they are listening to someone who is not Christian.
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Long winded Political Post Ahead! )

Okay so how dumb is Latoff's statement that "Town people would be much better served by elected officials who sought to solve problems rather than create them."... when the whole point is that the elected officials are refusing to go forward with an impeachment... these citizens did exactly what they should have done to keep their voice from being ignored.

Now imagine, if you will if every city in every state of the union and DC passed such a bill...

They would not be able to go anywhere, I mean maybe it would have no teeth...(although since he is guilty of crimes against the constitution in fact, not just in opinion I fail to see why people think this has no actionable outcome), but they would know that the majority of the American people don't want them anywhere....except texas... this would never pass in texas... and you know what...fine they can go live in texas and leave the rest of the country in peace. texas and bush and cheney all deserve each other


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