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since it's almost that time of year, for some charity (the 29th is the start of Asseret Yemei Teshuva, Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur and I understand there's some christiany type holidays coming after that) Now is a good time to Post your pet charity and encourage your friends to give a little something back.... As a matter of fact let's make a meme of it. Post your favorite or pet charity, tell the story of why you chose it, what it means to your life, what they need and post a link to how to get them what they need.

Here's mine

As many of you know I have been wearing glasses since I was 2 years old, and as a child underwent numerous treatments and surgery to improve my vision ...or at least make it so I was not functionally blind. The surgery I underwent at age 4, the treatments I went thru every 6 months from the age of 1.5 to the time I was 19, the exercises I did every day to strengthen my eye muscles ... the fact that after so many years I was finally able to get contacts, and that contacts exist for the issues I face without correction, are all due to research, research made possible in large part by the Lion's Club.

As soon as I was three pairs into wearing glasses (the ones I wore, a spare pair and the old spare pair) My mother started donating our Old glasses to the Lion's Club, they re-use and recycle Your Old lenses and frames to provide much needed vision correction to lower middle class, poor and destitute people who otherwise would be unable to function on a basic level most of you take for granted. All that stands between them and a normal range of vision is the ability to afford a pair of glasses. Monetary Donations they raise at these drives goes to fund cataract surgery for low income seniors, research into Ocular care, as well as research into various health issue that can lead to blindness (one branch of their research led to the discovery of the HPV vaccine due to a link between certain STD's and Blindness) So if you haven't any glasses to give ... make a gift of sight from your wallet.

White Cane Days Happen thru-out October, though the official day is October 15th,

Please take a moment to inquire with your local Lion's Club Office (they list on Yahoo! Yellow Pages as well) to find out when and where you can donate your Old Corrective lenses and sunglasses.

They need any type of clear or tinted corrective (prescription or not) Lenses* and any sort of tinted sunglasses for people with a wish to hide their eyes, due to some issues that go hand in hand with blindness as well as for persons with light sensitivity or Astigmatism so bad that there's only tinting that can be done for them.

For friends in the local area Glasses will be collected October First outside of of many Safeways including the one on N. Santa Cruz in Los Gatos. Some post office locations will also have collection Barrels.

So please take a moment find your old glasses and frames (even if the lenses or frames are beyond help they can use them, One lens may be scratched... but the other one might be half of someone's prescription... the frame may be broken... but the lenses can be ground to fit a different pair of frames) and find the closest collection site to you, and take five minutes to drive them over.

* Prescription means you were given a scrip from a doctor and got them thru an Optician ( the people who make and fit them) Other Corrective would be the ones you can buy OTC from the drug store, they are usually termed as Reading Glasses and you do not need an eye exam to purchase them. They do not need non corrective fashion glasses... as the frames for most of those are not really sturdy enough to be used for day to day wear, and the lenses are not Optical quality meaning they are not re-grind-able into anything anyone could actually gain a benefit from (not to mention the fact that I personally have always found "Fashion Statement" glasses Highly offensive...They don't make you look smarter...they make you look dumb enough to waste money on fake glasses.)
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except that I care about the parties involved


Other people can't make or break you. If your world revolves around other people's actions for emotional sustenance, then you need to take steps to refocus and change the location of your happiness feeding tube. You cannot rearrange others, and you will NEVER change anyone else to suit your "needs". Are there steps you can take to fix this for the other? YES. But the other can't force you to take them. Blackmail and 72 hour holds aside, no one can force you to do anything. Take a step back and try to figure out why you let others' actions have so much power over your life.

Loving someone doesn't mean you have to let them rule you.

Incidentally this is to two people specifically, and it applies to both, with the same exact amount of love and concern, for each.

You both can either take it under advisement or get pissed at me, I don't care... I still love you both.



May. 19th, 2008 08:12 am
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On July 1st in the state of California it will become Illegal to not use a hands free option while driving and using a cell phone for people over the age of 18. For those younger than 18 it will be illegal to use any sort of electronic communication device in any capacity whatsoever while driving.


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