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I have four challenges I am entered in in redbubble right now, and I could really use some votes, it is free to vote, free to register, they don't spam you.

for the cost of 5 minutes of your time you could help me win some free publicity. Please take a few to pop over and vote in one of the challenges
Register for a redbubble ID here, if you haven't already

Then go here and follow the links and scroll thru the entries to vote on my pieces
This Link Goes to My facebook fanpage entry with pictures and links to the challenges, It will open a new window.

The links and Pictures of the works to vote for under this cut if you don't want to go to facebook )

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I have entered two paintings in two separate challenges on redbubble, the winner of each challenge gets a 75$ gift certificate for art supplies.

Voting is free, although you do have to register for the site, (they are not particularly spammy, they do send out a "your recent activity feed" e-mail every few days, IF you have recently done something on their site, but you can opt out of that, but even as a seller that's the most I hear from them unless I make a sale or get a private message from someone on the site.)

If you already purchased something or voted for me in a previous challenge you already registered and can skip step one below.

so to help me out, here's what you need to do.

1) Go to Redbubble and register for an ID
2) click here to vote for Driving Wisconsin
which looks like this

3) Click here to vote for Unpacking
which looks like this

You can only vote once for each work, but please vote for both of them. You would be helping me to get a feature on the site, as well as make some sales possibly and to win 75$ worth of desperately needed supplies and all it takes from you is 5 minutes of your time.

Thank you for helping!
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this is a company that does prints from your up-loaded files, mats/mounts/frames called redbubble. They let you set a markup and they take the base price and you take the marked up amount. Its a little like cafe press meets etsy, but they actually care about art and art alone, no crafts.

PLUS it is free to set up and join for the artists and they run competitions with no entry fee. so I am trying there for prints, I took all the prints down off etsy and left the sales for the original paintings and moved them to redbubble (all of the prints are down off etsy, I just haven't put them all up on redbubble yet, still working on it)

I've only been up there for like 4 days or so now, but I have entered a challenge click here to visit the challenge page

So give it a look. I've gotten some nice feedback, but I am still wandering through the site and looking at stuff. They give you a little more leeway in customization of your storefront, but I haven't gotten fancy with that yet.


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