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so yesterday we got the room to the point where the bed would fit, and there are two piles of boxes taking up the rest of the room, one pile of attic crap (which will be going up today) and one pile of Books (which will be put in bookcases, also today) we worked and worked, slowly snarking at each other till we blew up from frustration and told each other exactly what we thought of the other's schemes and work ethic for this project, then two minutes later we apologizes told each other exactly what we thought of each other's lovliness and intellegence and strength, and were to the point where the bed would fit in an hour.

And after three days of grimy sweaty nasty hot work, we were both desperately looking forward to nice hot scrubby lathery showers, only to find out that the complex's hot water heater had broken and was going to "Be replaced by monday at the latest". So we both took turns taking freezing cold, screaming like a little girl showers, [ profile] ozzwepay was hardy enouigh to actually scrub off... but I could only take it long enough to rinse off and drench my hair.

(keep in mind that our complex is only four units, so there's a shared water heater)

Then we got dressed and went to Tess and Ryan's wedding in Monterey. Now, [ profile] ozzwepay and I are not big fans of parties and weddings, (we never understood why anyone thought formal wear in summer was a good idea) as a rule, just because we dislike the getting dressed up, being in a room full of virtual strangers and sitting and standing and kneeling on the whims of whatever faith the couple is. We always make an effort to go, but sometimes we space on when the ceremony is, Occasionally we get to where we thought we were going and get lost cause the couple have choosen some remote mountian peak and gave really bad directions, and one time (sorry [ profile] figbash) My car just refused to climb the steep steep driveway. and other times we get stuck in horrific traffic... when these things hapen we reach a consensus (in unison) that we tried... this sucks... we going home now.

But Tess's wedding was really really nice. We got to see some old friends, [ profile] justnate was there and VERY beerfilled and having fun dusting off jokes from our youth in my brain, Crystal/Auburn/Trish was there, and I like her a lot... but can never keep track of which name I am supposed to use at any given time so we have these entire conversations where I NEVER call her by name, cause I am worried I will annoy her. And of course the boy was there, and very cute in a teenaged-son-of-the-bride kind of way. The theme was Pirate/tahitian/Casual I went as close to pirate as I could with the costume stuff I could get to, and [ profile] ozzwepay went with the Three-licks-tootsie-pop-tshit-and-shorts casual. I got some good pictures and a little video which I will post later. and there was the whole family of the bride, a lot of whom I've met from previous pick ups and drop offs of the boy, and the groom's family who I have never met. I believe he had three dads there, 6 grandparents and various cousins. (ron was there (bio dad) [ profile] ozzwepay (legally dad cause of birth certificate) and Ryan, (step dad). When I think of all the single mothers out there who have no DAD for their kids I think how lucky the boy is to have three fathers who actually care about him.

The ceremony was on the beach at sunset, and after there was dancing and a bonfire and s'mores... it was very cool. We actually stayed till the boy was tired and wanted to leave, so we got home at about 1 am or so.

I am still bushed but couldn't sleep anymore cause it had gotten too hot in the bedroom.
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june can bite my ass
too hot to sleep till it's too
late to get any



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