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*scene: our bed, 3 am*

Amy's brain: That was really fun today
Amy: wha--hunh?
Amy's Brain: Oh nothing... hey even though Tony isn't snoring particularly loud or un-rhythmically, I'm gonna have that wake you up, K?
Amy: oh crap
Amy's Brian: SO I was thinking...
Amy: Shut up brain... need more sleeping.
Amy's brain: Oh, sorry. *whistles innocently*
Amy's brain: Wow listen to that snoring! You should put some earplugs in. But first you should q-tip your ears... the right one feels a little itchy...earplug probably be annoying on that, and while you're up you should pee.
Amy: GAH! *gets up, q-tips ears, pees, comes back to bed, puts in earplugs* There! Now, shut up!

a few minutes pass

Amy's Brain: Hey you know what song I like? that one from the end of that episode of futurama... no not the one you know all the words to and own so you could get it out of your head relatively easily... that other one...(sings) little bird little bird fly through my window..... yah that one... I'm gonna loop that part of it about for about 20 minutes now, k?"
Amy: grrrrrrrr
Amy's brain: Oh btw remember how tony won that thing at the picnic today? I wonder if he can trade it for that other thing with that guy? what do you think? Wow you can seriously still hear the snoring through these earplugs.
Amy: Don't make me come in there and kill you!

10 minutes go by

Amy's brain: Hey you know what? I think you're hungry! Yah! you had lunch like at 2 o'clock and then only had a couple of tortillas with cinnamon sugar at around 8... you're really hungry! Hey! you know what's tasty but you can't have? A sausage McMuffin! Man those things are great... and you have to be some sort of logistics genius to get one, cause you're broke, have no car and they only serve them for like 10 seconds every day! But damn, that would taste really good!

Amy's stomach: oh yah I love those things!

Amy: argh! *gets up" That is it! I have had it! *puts on glasses and goes to living room*

Welcome to why I have been up since 4 in the morning.
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jet lag without the fun of travel


you may remember the mem-y goodness of this post

here's the answers

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I hate summer... and no I do not need any "You're a freak polar bear weirdo." Jokes

Right now it is STILL 90 degrees in our living room, it is hot wet and sweaty. the back of my head is burning and the front hurts like hell and the rest of me is melting, my stomach hurts from the heat. I am pale redheaded and of Russian and northern European descent... I am genetically predisposed to not withstanding heat well, I freckle in a flash and fry ten seconds later to a bright red crispy object.

I AM drinking lots of water and staying indoors and have the AC and the fans on till the sun goes down and then I am opening the windows and doors for some fresh air, and I am taking frequent quickie showers ...(advice on how to survive not needed...I didn't just wake up this morning redheaded and pale)

I am ranting, not looking for teasing, jokes, sympathy or advice...

these are the things I hate about summer;

-The Heat
-how freakin' fucking happy the fucking weather whores on tv/radio are about the it's a good thing
"Oh no it's cooling down on Friday...but don't worry we'll see more high 90's and some triple digits around the bay on Saturday... JUST IN TIME FOR YOUR WEEKEND!!!" they say with a black-hole-sun grins on their fucking faces.
-the lack of school to keep children busy
-the fact that idiots actually move here for this shit...we have enough idiots here, thanks...stay where you are.
-and also...the humidity

I am sick, and tired from it.. can't get to sleep till late because of and can't stay asleep long enough because of it, even chopping off all my hair hasn't helped as much as you would think (I don't regret it tho) because without all that hair to soak it up , I am realizing just how sweaty (glowing? perspiring...whatever the fuck girls are supposed to do instead of sweating) the human head can get.

I just want it to fucking cool off and start being fall like a week and a half ago...I am feeling like crap and cranky to boot.
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Not sick or depressed or feeling weird... just did not sleep well.


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