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I FINALLY had a Sale on etsy, it was for an ACEO*, so it was only 10$ but it was ten dollars I didn't have before, unfortunately after the fees, shipping and buying some emergency cat food and litter to see the little monsters till Tony's Unemployment check gets here (hopefully today) it comes out to a whopping dollar and twenty four cents I didn't have before. But still, it's a sale from etsy.

so to honor the loss of one ACEO*, I replaced it with another for yesterday's daily
Gazing Ball

2.5" x3.5" india ink on illustration board

Today's Daily, "Red Bell"

Red Bell

à la Prima Oil on 6"x6" Museum Wrap Canvas, #4 Filbert Synthetic Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Mixing White added to palette

Daily Painting for 6-4-2010
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Rooster Doo-Dad

"Rooster Doo-Dad"

à la Prima Oil on Gallery Wrapped 8" x 10" Canvas, Fresh Palette, #6 round hog bristle, #2 round synthetic, #4 filbert synthetic

Daily Painting for 6-2-2010

©2010 Amy-Elyse Neer
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Dance Night

Daily Painting- Dance Night -

©2010 Amy-Elyse Neer

Daily Painting à la Prima Oil on 8" x 10" gallery wrap canvas, Multiple brushes, Stil De Grain, Lamp Black, Indian Yellow added to palette

Amy-Elyse Neer; Art; Daily Painting; dancers; night; blue dress; green shirt
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Roast and Keep You

Daily Painting- "Roast and Keep You"

à la Prima Oil on 8"x 10" stretched canvas
Fresh palette, hog bristle #2 Filbert and Talkon Fan Blender
Daily Painting for 5-14-2010
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After failing to get going at the easel this morning I realized today wanted watercolor, look outside for yourself if you don't believe me.

Anyways, here it is


Daily Painting for 5-11-2010
Watercolor on 140 lb montval 6.5"x 6.5" (6"x6" with half inch border)
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On the subject of watercolors art babble ahead )

anyway that's it for the art babble.
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I need to finish the studio. yes I managed to carve out enough room to set up one of the easels, and the wooden tray table for the palettes and a clear off the drafting table for a little extra work space.

BUT I really need my sewing machine, I really need the other easel set up and the second tray table and palette, as well as to figure out a finished canvas storage solution.

I had a great one before. (divorce annoyance ahead, you can skip if you want) )

so here's the things I need to do for the studio.

1) major goodwill /recycling/re-purposing pick over from friends
2) Box content consolidation, there's probably 12 boxes in there that can be consolidated into maybe 4 once the dross is removed and the stuff that can be put away is
3) some sort of ingenious and magically inexpensive canvas storage system that will miraculously drop out of the sky and land safely and ready to use.
4) a couple of people with non bad backs to help me lift things
5) a box of garbage bags (GIANT GIANT garbage bags)
6) someone with a car for hauling things off to goodwill etc.
7) ???
8) people who are available to help with this on weekdays early -ish in the afternoon (like between 12-5pm) because I know for a fact that no matter how much tony and I love each other it will never get done if I wait for him to help me. Mainly because we are awake and have energy to do stuff like this at opposite ends of the day.

also there may be stealing of certain furniture pieces from the living room ( I see you, bookcase, that I might be able to jury rig a canvas storage out of!) and moving and cleaning of desk from the patio to the studio (its what the sewing machine sits on)

The cats would be sequestered in the bedroom so if cats freak you out, or you are afraid of Zelda (which is probably a healthy attitude to have, because, after all, he is insane) and I would most likely make you some sort of meal, probably pancakes (of which I make the best in existence, just ask cindi)

So If you think you can help with any of this or like pancakes and can be suckered into doing things in exchange for them... leave me a comment and let me know what days during the week are good for you so I can pick a day for optimum bodies. also if you can't help with any of the actual at my house stuff but have an ingenious and magically inexpensive canvas storage system Idea let me know.

(on the actual day or the following day I will probably Fb post some orphaned items that are suitable for use by others that I will offer up for thems what cares to come and get them. those items will have a deadline for pick up tho and after that passes they go to wherever I am donating stuff... the goal is to get them OUT OF HERE)


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