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Apr. 11th, 2008 01:35 pm
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I just watched our old home movies transfered to DvD courtesy of my mom.

I have a few things to say

1) what the hell happened to my sister? she seems to have forgotten about happy.

2) There is a reason "Movies to go" in the pruneyard went out of business.

3) Footage of me previous to age two (when I got glasses), in hindsight, it is OBVIOUS I can't see anything.

4) Teething biscuits are gross and no one wants to watch a baby liquefy one for 10 minutes.

5) Super 8 movies are hard on the eyeballs

-The End-
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For a couple of years I have been trying to locate my best friend from High School (besides my lovely [ profile] figbash) Her Name was Elaina. SO far I have established that she is married, may or may not live in Cupertino and may or may not work at Verisign and may or may not belong to a Bow Hunters association (do you doubt my friends have always been weird?)

I previously found one other friend... and meeting to catch up was weird and interesting and oddly informative...(I wasn't really paying attention to a lot of stuff in HS...and now that I know what I missed... I am glad I missed it)

So anyway, things were left at an odd angle between me and Elaina, she joined the Marines for college money and was sure I would hate her forever or something cause she sent her dad to tell me after she'd already gone. So I never got the chance to tell her, before she left, that nothing could make me stop being her friend. She did come home and visit once while in the marines, but I never heard from her after that. It made me very sad.

Everyone once in a while I go a'googlin' to see if I can find her... but the thought occurred to me that since me and three other people in the bay area know everyone in the bay area between us that maybe my LJ'ers might be able to help.

If you know Elaina or her hubby, Mark (leaving the last name out... let's start with they sound familiar and discuss particulars in private.)

If any of this info sounds familiar and you think you can help me get in touch with her, please let me know.

I'm not entirely sure she wants to speak to me (the cessation of communication came from her end and without much in the way of explanation, But she was doing something sensitive for the marines in Hawaii at the time so she maybe couldn't respond, or she could have just gotten too busy...or she might have just decided she didn't want to speak to me anymore...I just plain don't know) and I don't want to force myself on her. (I mean let's face it, I am not hard to find online, if she wanted to find me she could even get a look at me on chaz's conpix page) But I would love to spend an afternoon catching up with her.

So if you can help me solve the mystery of what happened to Elaina I'd really appreciate it.


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