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Nov. 4th, 2008 08:08 am
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The Polls are Open ... If you can read this Either Post your I Voted-ness or get off you butt and go vote

Some things I like to remind you all of every election day

Results page at the Merc (as of posting it's still a placeholder page with links to election content, but it's the page they say on the main page will be the results eventually... if I find they lie I will update the post) **edit Verified as the correct link at 10:43 am pacific**

If you need to find your Polling place

Search for your County office of the registrar of Voter's... here a link to the one for Santa Clara County They should also have results later in the day... and theirs are usually the most straightforward... however because they are busy running an election they are not always first to web post results.

If you are having issues with candidate decisions You can go here and search voting records (how often did they vote... and did they vote on the issues the way you would have, and how many times have then gone against their stated beliefs in their stump speeches with their votes)

things to remember:

If you have not registered to vote you can still go and ask for a provisional ballot, using the link above (or your local registrar's) find your polling place, when you get there ask for a provisional ballot, fill out all the info and your votes and turn it in, if you are eligible to register your vote WILL be counted, and you will be registered for subsequent elections. If anyone denies you a provisional ballot or tries to stop you from voting when you are eligible in any way shape or form, contact the registrars office AND your Local Newspaper (not OR) The merc has a link to report voting irregularity and polling place violation... I am sure most major Newspapers will as well, but if you can't find one in your area use the Mercury one to at least get your story heard)

Th news media likes to use the phrase "If you do a provisional Ballot your vote might not be counted" to try and scare people into not using them. The facts are this... If you are eligible to vote, and use a Provisional Ballot your vote will be counted. If you are not, upon verification by the registrar's office, eligible to vote, then your vote will not.

It is not illegal to try to vote this way if you are unsure of your eligibility... and they do not report ANY information they receive to INS or Parole officers or FBI anything like that... THE ONLY thing they use the provisional ballot info for is for checking you eligibility to vote and registering you if eligible. That's it. If someone tells you different get their name, number, find out who's authority they are claiming to be under and report them to the Police AND registrar AND your Local newspaper... take pictures of them... tell them you know your rights and are reporting them for voter tampering and, then, warning your neighbors to do the same.

(seriously there have been several reports of people being told this stuff so far )

Campaigning is not allowed in or around the polling place...

the election officers are within the law if they bar you from voting for wearing any t-shirts stickers or buttons that espouse or can be construed as espousing any particular political belief SO DON'T GIVE THEM AN EXCUSE TO BAR YOU. If you are wearing something and get turned away... they cannot Prohibit you from returning without said Political statement attire and voting and if they try to convince you otherwise report it, once you are no longer seen to be campaigning inside the polling place you are allowed to proceed with your vote.

we voted early on Saturday morning at the registrar's office, when we were there there was easily 150 people waiting to vote. The turn out for that day was 1300 in that office alone. Go early the polls will be busy today, they are looking at record voter turn out.

and remember If you are in line when the polls close YOU WILL be allowed to vote. They can't turn you away unless you approach the end of the line after the official close of polls. If they try to tell you the polls are closed and everyone in line has to leave report them,

Also your Employer is REQUIRED to allow you to leave work to vote without recrimination. (they are however not required to pay you while you are voting so be prepared to punch out...lol) If they try to stop you from voting report it!
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Go Vote!

(where applicable)
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Please excuse me while I rant. And Please keep in mind that this is not directed at any one person. This is just a general rant based on Voter turnouts in General.

Listen, There are people all over the world who are Fighting and dying for the right to vote. There are countries where unless you are the ruling class you cannot vote or go to school or own land. You are born free and if you choose not to vote that is your choice. But if you don't vote you can't bitch.

Now I know I have said this a million times to all of my friends, and you are probably just all rolling your eyes and saying "There goes Amy with the voting thing again"

But Listen,
"If you don't Vote, You can't Bitch"
"Alright I just won't bitch then"
"Great, You gave up your vote and your raised voice to rail against the machine of corporate injustice that is slowly taking over America. Congratulations you just bent over and took it up the ass from GWB."

Do you think you will always be able to vote? I'm sure that the women in Afgahnistan thought they would always be able to go to work and school, Every Freedom )is as easy to lose as it was hard to win.

Do you think Your vote doesn't make a difference? Of course it does. If every person who felt that way went and voted we could double the voter turnout easily, and your vote added to all of those votes counts for a lot.

You don't like the candidates? Write in Mickey Mouse or yourself, and vote on the issues!
Don't trust the Issues? Vote on the candidates and vote no on the measures!
Or go in get your ballot and Abstain on all of it show your disgust for the system!

Only vote in the presidential elections? What do you think yesterday was laying the groundwork for? Do you want Four more years of GWButthead?

Didn't Register in time? Well Those of us who did vote Voted on a prop 52 which would've allowed you to register on election day without the use of a provisional ballot (meaning your vote may not be counted). As I write this with 79% of precincts reporting (according to the mercury news website) this prop is losing by a narrow enough margin that could have been made up by 20% more voters turning up and voting Yes on it.

Even if it doesn't pass, all you have to do is go in and request a provisional ballot, then you have to fill in some form like bits so they can verify your eligibilty to vote, then you take a voter handbook, and make your decisions. If you don't want to make an uninformed last minute decision, then you can always vote on the things you want , and then abstain from the rest.
Of course all of this is Online
Including details on the issues, and candidates, How to register, How to Volunteer to work a polling place (which I have done, it's very interesting and they pay you), Lists of results. How to get an Absentee ballot...

Think it is inconvenient to have to go vote? Well not to sound too much more self righteous than I already have, but Last March I went and voted in the early morning and then went to hospital for surgery.
How many things, simple things, do you do everyday that are more inconvienient than going two blocks away to cast you vote?
Do you drive two hours to work? Do you rush to get somewhere on your lunch hour? Do you stand in line at the bank to be charged a fee for using your money? Do you wait in line every morning for a cup of substandard coffee, or a tank full of poisonous and expensive petrol? Do you wade through a stack of bills that seem more and more outrageous? Do you rush to pick up your children after work from day care, or a school that is miles and miles from where you live or work?

Well depending on where you live, there were measures on yesterdays' ballot that could've helped make all those daily pains in your ass a little less annoying.

Okay Rant Over.


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