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May. 4th, 2010 09:50 am
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it just occurred to me that these posts that go so they also post on Fb from Lj, could be made to then blurb on twitter, and then come back in an aggregate post on Lj, and then go to Fb, and then to twitter....

You can make an automated loop of a post like "Woke up, Ate breakfast, went to work, came home ate dinner" and then just set it to feed to the next thing once a day at 8 o'clock....

I don't know if this is

a) nifty,
b) the saddest thing ever,
c) a way to establish an alibi,
d) internet art about futility.
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this is a company that does prints from your up-loaded files, mats/mounts/frames called redbubble. They let you set a markup and they take the base price and you take the marked up amount. Its a little like cafe press meets etsy, but they actually care about art and art alone, no crafts.

PLUS it is free to set up and join for the artists and they run competitions with no entry fee. so I am trying there for prints, I took all the prints down off etsy and left the sales for the original paintings and moved them to redbubble (all of the prints are down off etsy, I just haven't put them all up on redbubble yet, still working on it)

I've only been up there for like 4 days or so now, but I have entered a challenge click here to visit the challenge page

So give it a look. I've gotten some nice feedback, but I am still wandering through the site and looking at stuff. They give you a little more leeway in customization of your storefront, but I haven't gotten fancy with that yet.
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Still... I've got a few things up, but I am having issues stemming form the fact that "art brain" turns off "coding brain" so I am giving up updating the web site till I feel like I have enough stuff done to show off, I keep making stupid website errors that I normally know how to fix.

So I have done a section of stuff that is from photos manipulated, some stuff that is from scratch digital, and some animated stuff, as well as some Hand drawn scanned in digitally edited stuff.

so far the thing I like the best is the art fairy.... I am gonna insert it here, but its coming off the website, so as I work on it this might break
Art Fairy

I did this by taking a picture of a posed drawing dummy and a picture of a Paintbrush, then I did many many things to put the two together thusly.
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Okay so I spent today making some things in Photoshop, specifically for linking to people who want samples. The problem with most of the stuff I do for people in Ps is I sold it to them, with the rights, and while I feel I have made my use of it in my portfolio known with the caveat "you are buying the rights...BUT I reserve the right to use it in my portfolio..." Kind of falls apart when people and places want you to link to an on line portfolio, Mainly because I can't really control who copies it and preserve the clients rights to the work.

So I have a project going to make a good sampling of various techniques that I like, and some I don't like but can do with the fancy computin' machine. to put up an on line Portfolio of graphics, of stuff that doesn't belong to anyone but me and is also, stuff I don't care if people steal. Some of the stuff I made today and I will probably bang away at it again tomorrow and then Wednesday make the actual page on the website. AND I used some of it to spruce up the old Lj and shrunk some of it into icon size.

I will post a link to the page when its done, I would appreciate comments on the page layout, ease of navigation, viewing comfort, etc. Leave off any critique of the art itself unless you feel something I put up is inappropriate or offensive to prospective gig-meisters.

today was all Ps, tomorrow I am gonna do some manipulated sketches, and possibly see if my copy of illustrator will work on vistas, Then get started Building the page.


May. 17th, 2006 10:21 pm
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Futzing around with stuff has made me feel better.
I updated all my Userpics with info on how I made them or where I got the graphics from, so if you see something you like you can go and get one yourself, but keep in mind MOST of the animated ones I animated. The generators do not generate animated gifs...I took each frame separately and animated them using ImageReady


May. 17th, 2006 11:16 am
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Okay here we go The Girliest Thing Ever!

If you like or remember Kiss Dolls, you will most likely enjoy this. If you don't know what a Kiss Doll is, think Web Based Paper dolls. This site has a bunch of them and links to more. I suggest playing with this One First

It is so very Girlie It will make your head explode... and they also have Boy dolls too. (they are still girlie...but with less boobage)


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