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well... that's one way to stop people posting complaints about the realms being down... nuke the website.
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Well first off the uncrappy. The new phone got here yesterday and so far it's doing much better. The LG Chocolate 8500 series seems like it's able to have everything on and still hold the charge. with the added plus that I can use my mp3 ringtones. it's about the same size as the moto but is a slide phone instead of a flip. the "navigation wheel" is basically just fancy trappings, but once I am used to it I am sure it'll be's not any easier or handier than clicking on the cardinal points of it to scroll it.

And now for the crappy


so that's the story of the crappy...pertinent link below...use it!

If you want to get Spybot S&D from the publisher website here's a link to the free DL
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so the other day ( maybe like a week or two ago... not really sure cause the time flies when there's a teenager in your house...thank god)
I was playing and I got a whisper from a level 1 rogue


So thinking it was one of those PL spammers (even tho it wasn't a button mash name, it was actually a clever play on words name, something gold spammers do not as a rule take the time to come up with) I whispered back to see if I'd get the autoresponder spam and therefore be able to report them with the spam filter thing. (even at level 70 I still get gold spam and pl offers... although it seems like a waste of time to me), I responded with


and then nothing. I've who'd the name a couple of times, and never caught them online again.

so it occured to me that it might be someone from LJ cause of my profile listing all my characters. So if you were trying to get my attention or join our guild a few weeks ago, leave a comment, and let me know.

(not gonna post the character name just in case the person doesn't want me to, I'm assuming that the person will recognize the events and speak up.)

Everyone is welcome and we don't care how you spec or what level you are, so don't be shy!!
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so I was killing a little time this afternoon and browsing thru the wikipedia and I happened across this link while seeing what the entry on WoW had to say.

Now, I remember that, not fondly, but I remember going to IF and seeing all the dead bodies and I also remember that one of our servers' largest "Guild Of Known Ass Hats" Disbanded because no other guild would deal with them (people would leave BG's if others were of this guild, PuG's were dissolved on arrival at the instance because members of this guild had been organizing it... if you were a known member your sales in the auction house were left to rot, people were opting to spend way more money than they had to on stuff to avoid buying things from this guild's members) Eventually when server transfers came the remaining members took their ass hattery to another server. Why?

Because this group of people Intentionally spread the disease and joked about it and bragged about it in /yell and in the forums. Even threatening the populace with it (I saw one yell go up that unless ten people mailed a particular ass hat form this guild 100 g in the next hour he'd summon his infected pet)

Now I see from the wiki entry that doctors and the CDC are keen to get the numbers involved to study the spread of an infectious disease in an environment that is controlled (no one will really die) and not controlled (there is plenty of human ere'ing and behavior to affect the epidemic) at the same time. Plus, because of the continents and travel times it can give them a starting point to make a real model of how actual disease can be spread thru an actual populace, when you take human behavior and reaction into account.

The Main problem with this theory of course is... well you don't really die. I mean I remember taking my 60 lock over there and looking...I mean I knew that to go to IF meant death, but you can still look around in spirit form, with the only eventual penalty being a repair bill and some rez sickness and I was curious. I wanted to see what 1000's of dead jackasses looked like (I don't care for other people much, can you tell?)

In real life ...if you told me to not go to , let's say... oh I dunno... Dallas or it would mean certain death... I would avoid Dallas like...well, like the plague. I would not go to satisfy my need to see Dallas covered in corpses... or out of any morbid curiosity.

But in WoW there was the luxury of being able to go and see without any lasting harm to my actual self. Sure it was inconvenient (back then IF was the Only Auction House) and Highly annoying (I also do not like that stupid flute that makes you dance...I'm gonna shove that mo'fo up someone's nose) But in the end I just logged out and let them fix it.

In real life you can't do that either. So while I think it is interesting that the medical community thinks they can get useful data from a brief time of extreme ass hattery in a video game, I think they are forgetting something very important... it's only a game.

(not to mention in real life... no group of 20 people are going to go purposefully get infected with a deadly virus so they can spread it to a populace every chance they get over the course of a week or so)

edited *** Note to [profile] disastrouscode yes but I was trying real hard not to name the guild in the post... so I screened your comment.***


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