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[Error: unknown template qotd]well... this is what, as all my friends know , I want on my tombstone.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] The Fixer. I am the one who is expected to take care of the safety pin that holds everything together. And I do. My sister is the slightly scatterbrained can't be on time or remember things person. My mom is the Authoritarian (as much as a hippie can be) My Dad's the entertainer, he's where we learned to tell stories, and to listen to music with an intelligent ear. 

And for the most part I am a little of all those things too... but when the shit hits the fan I am the "hold it together" person, the one who always answers their phone, the one who steps up and gets things taken care of, knows where everything is, doesn't lose the important paperwork, and doesn't get to cry till everything is handled so everyone else can fall apart.

and you know what? I am totally okay with this role. If I didn't do this there are some things that would never get done.

But I don't want to make it sound like everyone else is helpless without me, cause they aren't. My parents are very responsible until they leave for a trip. and My sister is married with two kids and a beautiful house, now if she could manage to remember anything for longer than two seconds...

But, for example, when you are 13 and your sister is 15 and they hand you the tickets and tell you 
"Don't let your sister hold them cause she'll lose them." 
And she overhears this and pouts so you let her hold the luggage claim checks to shut her up and WITHOUT ever leaving her seat or your sight she loses the luggage claim sets a precedent. 

When you are alone with your Mom and Sister cause your dad is at work and the Doctor calls and says "You better get down here as soon as you can Your Grandmother isn't not doing well at all" and your mother and sister both look to you to get them to the hospital and hold it together till Dad gets there, and the doctor chooses you to break the news to out of the puddle of grief stricken faces... You have just gotten confirmation of your role in the family. 

You are the keeper of the safety pin.

And honestly there isn't another group of people I would rather hold this pin for. I love my weird little family of hippies.


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